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They are lying about the Chinese Plane Crash

Another video has surfaced that proves the plane never broke up, (like they are trying to sell) and it instead crashed at above mach speeds in a perfectly intact dive.


What happened? The plane went at least mach 1.5, and now another video proves it. There’s only one way a Boeing can reach such a speed and that is if all software and pilot control is disabled and it is full throttle into the ground. We have all seen these jets flying. Do they EVER GO THIS FAST??? That’s a big jet so it will look like it is going slower than a fighter jet, but even with that at play it is obvious it is going supersonic jet fighter speed.

We are dealing with people who do nothing but lie attempting to coverup a bunch of murders plus the use of their classified system to accomplish murdering people whenever it is “really needed”. That’s all there is to any of the coverage of this “crash”.

In the 1970’s there was an incident when a boeing jet went into a dive that the pilots did not notice due to visibility issues and other factors, and it broke the sound barrier. I cannot find the account of this incident now, but it got up to about mach 1.2 and they managed to recover it after they came out of the bottom of the clouds. I thought that would be easy to look up but for some reason it is not coming up. It is a fact that if all you want to do is crash a boeing and you have no intentions of flying one, they absolutely will substantially break the sound barrier in a dive. And that’s what we are looking at in China now. Yes, obviously the black box is severely damaged, and I seriously doubt it will yield any data at all. The crash was probably enhanced to the max on purpose for that reason alone. The black boxes are not designed to withstand mach speeds.