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The CIA’s war manual for AZOV SS

These people – what with their biowarfare labs aimed at wiping out racial and ethnic (not the same thing, will explain) – are simply demonics in meat-sacks. Who does this? What kind of demons do you have to have within your snapper head body to use your citizens as meat shields, JUST TO RACK UP BODY COUNTS.

Only cowards hide behind women and children.

And by publicly torturing women and children because they try to leave these buildings set up to GET THEM KILLED, is beyond darkness. Beyond evil. It also means that after they are wounded, the Azov Nazi’s the blue head American witches are supporting with spells and hexes will let these same women and children bleed out in agony, JUST TO RACK UP BODY COUNTS FOR CNN.

That’s your CIA and NATO, 2022.


CIA field operations guide found on dead Azov fascist. What kind of stunted soul dreams up this stuff, just to get real bodies for the cameras? The demonic kind, of course.

Here’s what you do. Ask our Holy Father in Heaven to bring of House and Leadership behind this war, visible and secret, into judgment. A quick 15 second prayer of your time. Right Now. That’s all the energy needed to set the angels of judgment into motion. THIS WORKS.

It’s what I do, and very often with demonstrable results. Please, for the children, their mothers and fathers. For decency’s sake, I implore you dear readers.


PS. The witches do spells and hexes, our counter is prayer to the Most High Creator. There is no more powerful thing to do for righteousness and good than turning to Him – even if  your faith is shaky – and asking Him to bring His Good and True Hand into the mix. REMEMBER TORONTO and what prevailed after that. The whole thing turned out way and without any blood shed nor a shot being fired.

PSS Race is race. To design a race weapon GETS EVERYBODY and is a base weapon. Ethnic on the other hand is specific to diet and bloodline peculiarities and can be dialed into types of food classes of food people eat.