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The war on Americans BS Avian flu has spread to 27 states, sharply driving up egg prices

 The price of eggs has soared in recent weeks in part because of a huge bird flu wave that has infected nearly 27 million chickens and turkeys in the United States, forcing many farmers to “depopulate” or destroy their animals to prevent a further spread.

Which is a total lie. 

This is about getting rid of food staples like meat, eggs, home livestock, and to continue to push this country into starvation and ruin. If you let them.

They lied about everything; murdered 100s of millions of people with their vax weapon, and have relentlessly assaulted every aspect of our existential lives creating these fake crises that only make living in the USA a veritable nightmare.

This is a globohomo, WEF designed and CIA deployed scam against us all.

Don Bradley