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The new generation – unholy spawn. The CREEPERS

Remember earlier this year and in years previous, it was said that women who birth once the weapon is released would birth monsters of varying kinds.

  • Black eyes,
  • tails,
  • six fingers,
  • a speaking voice with three or more distinct voices…
  • incredible strength,
  • a dire thirst for blood,

The parents are so proud to have their very own, brand spanking new bloodline for Satan. I am betting they get preferential treatment in the new NWO. Within 2 years, mommy and daddy…you know, your neighbors? They will have to provide the creeper with fresh flesh of the living to keep it having and to end those horrific banshee screams it emits when it is unhappy with ANYTHING.

But wait. 

  • They grow twice as fast. 
  • They can speak at four months. 
  • They will have this soul fixing stare that for some reason, over powers those under its gaze…

Shall I go on? Do you really need me to?