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New Bond movie outlines the vax weapon extermination ongoing

The new James Bond movie, No time to die, totally reveals our era 2020-2022.  The antagonist, Lucifer (yeah, that’s his first name) funds the creation of a nanobot weapon that uses DNA to target, persons (down to the individual) on up to groups as large as say, blacks or Asians. They even say that outright as a line in the film.


The weapon is deployed and quickly goes worldwide. They even say that they only need a certain percentage of the population to get infected to get all the rest. They show that they expect it to take about 18 months-and they show the modeling-to cover the world. 

I sat through the thing, my first movie going in years, just shaking my head. It’s everything that’s going on right now. Of course, it’s just one crazy villain, but the film also reveals that it was the intelligence agencies that fostered, funded, and created the weapon, with multi-nation unilateral support:MI6, CIA, etc.

In the end, they destroy the weapon factory, AFTER it has been released.

Watch New James Bond 'No Time to Die' Trailer