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The Jezebel Spirit and Hillary…

The truth is, terrorism is a CIA illuminati fabrication and a total lie .A simple youtube search for – US Currency and false flag events confirmed .. will show you plenty of evidence, that all these false flag events like 911 are printed on your money in striking detail YEARS BEFORE the events happened, and printed right in front of your face (and they laugh at how blind and dumb they’ve made you).

After you’re done with that, search youtube for- 911 Classroom ritual to molech god of ultimate sacrifice .. and you will clearly see and HEAR what the children were chanting on that morning of 911 with President bush, that the illuminati owned mainstream media kept hidden from you for the last 15 years to enslave your mind. The children in that 911 classroom with Bush were chanting – HIT, STEEL, PLANE , MUST ! . as the planes hit the steel buildings.

Also new Hillary leaked emails confirm that ISIS is nothing more than a CIA created fabrication by the illuminati and Hillary and Obama. It’s all a lie.

Even with Hillary’s campaign logo they laugh right in your face with how stupid they’ve made you. Hillary’s logo is a plane smashing through the twin towers on 911 .. You total sheep slaves and you total fools. The Truth is, everything you believe is a lie. You are a slave to the illuminati owned media TV dumb box. And there is no worse form of slavery than mental slavery.

Hitlery Clinton is a illuminati world bankster shill, she always has been as there is tons of evidence of Hillary with the Rothschild family in MANY meetings, and her with George Soros, and all the rest of the illuminati scumbags. Voting for Killary Clinton is voting for your own self hatred of yourself.

Again, There is a reason why War and Whore rhymes. This is why you see all these fake illuminati manufactured “pop divas” like Katy Perry and Mad-onna dressing up for War to dumb down young girls in their pathetic music videos, and Katy Perry (and eminem and all the rest of mainstream music’s total nutcases) prostituting themselves everywhere supporting the war criminal and war mongerer Hitlery Rodham Clinton – the dis-ease of humanity .

The reason why the Illuminati bankster owned and controlled media is pushing so hard for Hitlery Clinton, is because they need a woman president filled with hatred to finish the job, to try to destroy the divine feminine Holy Spirit on this planet. Everything the Illuminati controlled government does, and the Illuminati media show on TV, all has to do with destruction of Spirit. This way they own not just your mind, but also own your Soul.

Trump is a hero for what he is doing. He is exposing the lies of the illuminati owned media, the total fraud of the american government, and exposing the lies of the illuminati world banksters like very few in history (Edward Snowden is another hero). . The only one who comes close when it comes to Presidents is John F Kennedy, who was assassinated by the CIA just 2 weeks after Kennedy had a groundbreaking speech how everything in the illuminati-controlled mainstream media is corrupt and filled with lies, how everything in society is a lie done by world banksters and their phonies to enslave you, and there is no worse form of slavery that exists than mental slavery.

That speech by JFK is on youtube. Also wikileaks has exposed how hillary wants to greatly censor the internet, and then take it away from you altogether, and she also wants to ban all alternative media, so you will be more brainwashed than you are (and she actually stated that during Agenda 21 speeches, and do you know what Agenda 21 is ?? Two words, Georgia Guidestones (look it up). . Hitlery Clinton absolutely hates you, and she hates the Earth, and she hates everyone with a flicker of soul left inside them. She is the WHORE, THE BEAST.