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The Fast: Day 3

Still no hunger pangs. Drinking lots of water, orange juice, apple/carrot juices, etc. Metabolism is adjusting to the lack of solid food and is noticeable.

Seem to be sleeping in a great deal with many naps necessary as blood sugar levels adjust to the new paradigm. Happily, weekends make that easy to do, especially during the first few days.

It’s easy to cook meals for the boys and refrain from partaking in all that home cooked, organic goodness. Discipline…disciplines the thing!

Right now…Randy is singing these beautiful songs, as he is wont to do. He really has an angelic voice.

Usually, the first three days are the most difficult. Food addictions, cravings, mental programming and cultural conditioning of buffoons (you’ll die if you don’t eat! Hahahahhaaha) all present obstacles which must be surmounted if there is to be success. After day three, the body adjusts and you are in the middle of it all. which is, mainly, the disgorging of toxins, mucoid plaque in the intestine, and junk that represents all the poisons taken in over a lifetime of living in the modern western world.

Because of this, the skin may appear mottled, bags under the eyes, soreness from old injuries, and on and on. This all happens because the body is cleaning, repairing, and healing all that long term damage. It can be tough, because the pleasure going in is the pain going out.

Remember that. For it is a great unspoken truth of earth. Ask any addict who has undergone withdrawels. This also applies to food and drink. All those chemicals, additives to make it taste “better” all have a price. And that price will be paid, either now in cleansing discomfort. Or in disease.

Like cancer. Or diabetes. Or gout. Or….