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Day Two of the latest fast (as they go by)

Embarked upon yet another fast, liquid diet only–juices, water, whatever aqueous comestibles appeal at the time. No hunger pains or urges to eat. But that figures given the fact I’ve done many fasts over the years and have conditioned my body to expect long periods without solid foods. As with anything of this sort, you need a steely resolve to see the thing through to the other side.

I’ll be reporting here any notable events as might occur when doing a fast.

There are all kinds of reasons for fasting:
-to heal the body of injuries and/or malfunctions
-for spiritual purposes, of which fasting clarifies the body to a state of purity that allows for an unpolluted channel to divine insight. Christ fasted for 40 days, then proceeded to do things unequaled since.
-to rid the body of toxic buildups in the bones and fatty tissues, where toxins generally reside. Toxin and heavy metal removal is the cornerstone of a healthy body, free from systemic disease.
-to simply do it, to see if you have what it takes to take control of your body.
-for penance. Gandhi frequently fasted because people in his country behaved miserably and he felt obliquely responsible for inciting behavior in them quite before they were ready for his level of advanced understanding of model living.
-unavailability of food supplies. This is self-sacrifice, denying food for one’s self so that others may eat.

I’ve fasted for all of the above reasons at one time or another. Or combinations of reasons, killing several birds with one stone, as they say. Why not rid your body of toxins while your are fasting for self-sacrifice.

Whenever any fasting is undertaken, be sure you understand the needs of the body, are able to listen to it with clarity so that your fast is safe and sane, and always, always pray for guidance every step of the way. Divine aid in such endeavors is more than appropriate; it’s simply wisdom in action.

It’s also wise to do a few days of enemas to quickly clear to lower intestine of any mucoid plaque buildup. This prevents toxins from re-uptaking into the liver via the hepatic artery located in the sigmoid colon.

Of course, lots of water and clear, organic juices that are non-pasturized, but are made at home with a quality single or dual gear juicer running at low rpm. This gurantees fresh, vitamin popping living waters full of colloidal minerals you body must have when fasting.

Stay tuned.