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The CIA/Nephilim/Edomite fiction of reality since the 1950s

The CIA/Nephilim/Edomite fiction of reality since the 1950s.

Don Bradley

The CIA/Nephilim/Edomite fiction of reality since the 1950s. And endless mass of conflicting lies designed to completely destroy the mind of mankind. An onslaught of lies sold as truth to derail the person, the family, the culture, our society, and finally, our souls.

The lie, followed by truth (reality).

  • Moon Landings (plasma disk, world map)
  • Globe, spinning ball through space (it’s a flat earth, enclosed dome)
  • There is no Creator, we came from volcanic sulfuric soup (Yeshua made all things, including human beings. John 1:1)
  • Blacks made everything (no, they’ve built nothing in Africa since the colonizers left after WW2, even with billions in loans)
  • Lone nuts killed important people, did all bad things since 1963 (no, CIA mkultra assets became ongoing patsies)
  • We have a free press (no, the CIA/Pentagon controls ALL NEWS ITEMS AND FEEDS since the early 1990s and ongoing)
  • Arabs took down 3 buildings in NYC by crashing planes into them (no, the CIA’s use of fly-by-wire technology installed in ALL NEW PLANES GOING FORWARD since 1983 did. Arabs were and are, patsies)
  • Vaccines are good for you (tell that to the millions of retarded, autistic children whom parents stupidly allowed to be whacked up with deadly poisons to destroy their life path)
  • Men can menstruate and give birth to children (every decent soul on Earth knows flat out this is a lie we put up with)
  • If you pretend you are a dog, you force the world to agree or be charged with a hate crime (the peak of globohomo insanity everywhere)

I could sit here for hours on this list. So could anyone who is still rational.