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The Brussels Terrorist Attacks

This is what happens when the satanic network and their pro leftist immigration policy enforces the hundreds of thousands of military aged Jihadis into the west. The ENEMY WITHIN.

Dead Europeans.

Tuesday morning will live in infamy for Belgium where the country’s worst fears finally coalesced into a coordinated terror attack that at last count had left more than two dozen people killed and many more seriously injured.
For months, Belgian authorities were on edge after it became apparent that the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek was used as a staging area for the attacks that killed some 130 people in Paris last November.
Anti-terror raids in the neighborhood became commonplace and last week, Paris suspect Salah Abdeslam was captured in the Muslim enclave after he was shot in the leg in a firefight with police. Officials suspect Tuesday’s bombings are connected to his arrest.
And so, as we await the final death toll in the latest example of what is rapidly becoming something of a culture war with dangerous implications for regional and global stability, we bring you the following videos from this morning’s tragedy in Brussels.