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Soros and Obama Activate Terror Cells For Race War POSTED 4 DAYS BEFORE BRUSSELLS

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jDvWtnA8IY]The scumbags have imported hundreds of thousands of these killers into the USA and other countries…

Turns out, yeah! They do and are. How insane is that kind of agenda? Pay for, invite, setup, and then stand back as they create slaughter and slaughter all over the west. And when they do, the SJW feminist witches are silent. Not a word. Because you know, it’s those evil white males that are the problem…not the Jihadis and their Islamic hatred of anything western.

Especially CHRISTIAN western.

But, oh no, we the SJW wankers insist we must do this. Will they still promote this as the bodies pile up.