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Tesla is not a car – it’s a “Cause of Death”

In a report that should provide further grist for the increasingly vocal Tesla bears, Recode reported that nearly a quarter of reservations for the Tesla Model 3 have been refunded, citing data compiled by data firm Second Measure, which analyzed billions of dollars of anonymous credit- and debit-card purchases.
The two notable observations from the report are the i) deposit refunds soared in recent weeks as Musk announced further Model 3 delays and ii) as of April’s end, Tesla has been paying out refunds faster than new Model 3 deposits have been coming in, meaning that the deposits the company had collected to date, i.e. working capital which until recently had served as a source of cash has turned into a drain on Tesla’s declining cash hoard.

Because people are waking up to the ugly truth that Tesla cars are rolling crematoriums that cannot be escaped from, as the door lock and mechanism IS RUN BY BATTERY, WHICH HAS EXPLODED.

That customer was annoying us with constant fix problems…now, he’s not annoying ANYONE. Tesla motors repair division

I don’t hate, Tesla, Inc. or its common stock. I believe I am merely exposing the house of cards which it is — built upon unsustainable tax breaks, obfuscation of production failures, balance sheet gimmickry unseen since Enron, and sheer hype.
And the moral superiority one may feel by driving a Tesla (or any EV) is laughable.
65% of electricity generation in the United States comes from non-renewable, carbon emmitting sources (including COAL), and the next 20% from uranium.

 When Musk said he was going to burn the shorts, I didn’t realize he was talking about the pants of Tesla drivers.

The question is why are people “buying” Teslas at all?

  • They pollute more
  • They use twice as much fossil fuel per mile driven
  • They are expensive to repair
  • They burst into flames
  • The batteries will only last 3 years used daily