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SCOTUS Overturns Case Against Christian Baker

“I will sell you the cake, but a bunch of dicks cumming on that man’s face, forget it.”

 From Zerohedge 

and that’s the point.  They shopped this “issue”.   the baker offered to sell them a cake.  Read that again.  the baker offered to sell them a cake and let them put the dildo on top.  but nope.  they CREATED the issue that said the baker MUST decorate the cake against his religious liberty.

the Court saw through the nonsense.

The muslim baker would not have been so nice…..


This was never about rights.

The baker never interfered with the gay couple, nor obstructed their marriage.

He served gays and others as a matter of business.

He simply chose not to bake a cake that interfered with his beliefs.

The gays had other options — they could have gone someplace else or baked their own cake.
No, this was about control.

Just like they turned into vicious crybabies about the Boy Scouts and Christian adoption agencies.
Since those groups would not bow down to the gay agenda they got destroyed.

So these psychopaths are on a mission.

Anyone who does not bow down to the gay agenda gets destroyed.

Just like all the other rayciss, antisemitic, misogynist, cis gender, etc., identity agenda rackets.
If your identity group can’t get its own way through logical arguments on some issue, or if logic would in fact debunk your alibi, just grow a massive chip on the shoulder and cry about rights, and how your identity group is being persecuted for xyz.

Works every time, and the persecution angle ensures MSM support.

This time the gay identity group slipped but give them a little time after this setback, and they will regroup to seek out and find some other group to destroy.

Or they will return to the gay wedding cake issue under another gay crybaby guise.

They have fathomless financial resources, and clearly a lot of free time, so they have no objections to destroying the money from hard working taxpayers.

They will eat at this gay wedding cake issue like termites eat at wood until they get their own way or destroy everything else in the process. The Colorado legal Bolsheviks who got this massive waste of tax money rolling should have to pay back every penny. They could easily have countered by assisting in the opening of The Gay Wedding Cake Company, but it was just too much fun to use tax money to clog the courts for the gays, on the pretext of fake persecution, and slowly destroy a functional source of tax revenue, and crush its owner to the ground.

And the MSM cheerleaders are a guaranteed bonus.

The gays now have the right to marry, but living in happiness is not really what they want.
What they want is for their lifestyle to be considered normal and acceptable by absolutely everyone, and they are willing to destroy anyone who thinks otherwise.

Even an obscure baker.

It’s always open season for the identity persecution hunters.

That gay Bolshevik stupidity has expanded to all other aspects of life.

But in this case the abusive attempt by gays to control and destroy a baker should have been countered by other gays who respected the baker’s rights.
Where were they?
You imply that they were there all along — where were they?
This was a horrifying case of gay control freaks gone wild and getting the MSM, their groupies, their moneybags, etc., all lined up to destroy one person over a cake.
You have nothing to be proud of.

First of all I do not care if you are gay or not.
Secondly, the issue here is one of control.
No one was trying to control the gays in the issue.
But the gays were trying to control the baker, even though there were other bakers nearby who would have been glad for the gay business.
If there was no other baker for miles around they would probably have won this stupid fight.
But they decided to punish this baker for his beliefs by attacking his business and accusing him of anti this or that.
Thirdly, what do you know about the Bolsheviks?
If you are fairly young, or if you went to publik skoolz you know nothing.
It was their cruel thinking and brutal behavior toward a culture they despised that allowed them to destroy a settled society.
That thinking has simply evolved into a more modern form.
The gays were shameful in their savage destruction of another harmless citizen.

Of course the taxpayers are stuck with the court fees.
As usual.
The gay community has numerous organizational allies and individuals who donate time and money, professional services, of course favorable MSM coverage for free, they have a lot of money for this abuse.
It would have been better if they put it toward housing and care for sick, elderly, and otherwise disabled gays, or job training for younger ones.
But that wouldn’t be as glamorous.
Plus they would lose opportunities to bludgeon ordinary people with accusations.
They would rather squander the money by tormenting their neighbors.

The two plaintiffs had more than enough options if they just wanted a wedding cake.
But they didn’t just want a wedding cake.
They wanted to force someone who disagreed with their lifestyle to make their cake or destroy him for refusing.
If other bakers said “yes” it would have taken the fun out of destroying someone on the pretext of discrimination.
It would be interesting to know if the happy couple sought other bakers or how many before focusing on this one for destruction because he dared to say “no.”
And we all know how Bolshevik control freaks react to the word “no.”
So on what should be the happiest day of their lives they started off with a cake mired in controversy, personal destruction, and social chaos.
Congratulations, boys — you celebrated your wedding with all that negative energy of destroying another person over a cake.
Nice way to start off a marriage.
And don’t worry about that karma boomerang in the distance — it’s won’t ever come near you.