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Special Jihadi snowflakes pretending to be minors to avoid felony charges or murder and rape

France: Video Shows “Unaccompanied Minors” Attack Locals With Metal Chairs

Chris Menahan

Video from Rennes, France shows a gang of migrants wage war with locals by chucking metal chairs at their faces.

The “unaccompanied minors,” whom locals say are mostly all fully grown adults claiming they’re children to be given refugee status, are known for sexually harassing women, committing robberies, assaults, home burglaries, and engaging in brawls like this one captured on video.

Seeing as how this is part of their culture, it’s to be considered one of the many benefits of “diversity,” and to quote the Prime Minister of France after the Nice terror attack, the French need to “learn to live with it.”

From Causeur.fr (via Diversity Macht Frei) [translated with Google]:

The management of “unaccompanied minors” in Rennes today becomes a political problem and public safety as exist today with various forms of crime and abuse. In the city center, the “unaccompanied minors” are now well known and have, apparently, decided to break their isolation by gathering in bands of fifteen to twenty people at the top of the mythical “street of thirst “(rue Saint Michel) to impose the onlookers portfolio palpation or annoy the ladies, increasingly frightened by the liberties taken by the bold” minor “. “The girls who cross the Place Saint-Michel at night all say they do not feel safe here at all.

For several months, the local press also reported the incidents multiplied: robberies, assaults, burglaries, brawls. All this becomes part of the night scenery of the Breton city to lead to significantly larger clashes. In the night from Thursday August 10 to 11, a group of twenty “unaccompanied minors” and fall on a band of young Rennais determined to do battle and confrontation ends with chair shots … and screwdriver with two minor injuries to the key. “I saw one of those guys to dig into the glass container to find broken bottles and used to hit,” said one witness to the scene. Many of the employees or customers of the surrounding bars agree that the situation becomes uncontrollable, “The police is overwhelmed by the phenomenon. They do not have the manpower to deal with it, “says a local resident. “The types roam undocumented and claim to be minors. So, arrested, they are released immediately. And a good portion of them are certainly not Libya or Afghanistan but Algerian or Moroccan. I’m not sure what exactly they are refugees, “said another employee of a commercial street.

Only a bigot would expect these poor refugees to live in their own countries.

In New Zealand, an Indian migrant convicted of raping a girl was allowed to avoid deportation because a government panel determined life in his home country of India “would be too hard.”

That’s now the new standard for all Western countries.

Causeur.fr continues:

The same day the violent brawl broke Place Saint Michel, two Algerians appeared before the Criminal Court of Rennes after being caught for attempted robbery on a person withdrawing money at an ATM center. The two accused who claimed to have 15 and 16 years have been confused by the development of their teeth and their skeleton has determined that these were two adults.

The law provides that any foreign isolated minor is supported by social child welfare (ASE), the county councils are responsible. Since November 2015, however, the practice of bone tests to determine if a minor is really who he says he is also enshrined in law. A provision advocated by the Secretary of State for the Family, Laurence Rossignol … and still widely decried by many Socialist deputies, Left Front or environmentalists and by local associations, such as the “Collective support to those undocumented Rennes “.

The emergency state context has pushed the government to include the practice of bone tests (with a wrist radio for example) in the law, to the chagrin of associations judging these tests “inhuman and degrading”. However, the generalization of tests is complicated by the increasing number of major individuals claiming their minority to escape a conviction upon arrest. For many of them, this therefore results in a release after several hours of detention … to the chagrin of people who begin to lose patience severely.

If impunity is not legal, it is nonetheless real. Arrested individuals find themselves again in the street a few days after being arrested and Rennes police, in desperation, even called the people of downtown to follow some safety guidelines: “It encourages young people to travel at night in the city, possibly in groups, borrowing informed arteries. The main targets are the only people, vulnerable and drunk “, recalled the newspaper Ouest France on 29 February

France is a multicultural country now.

That means you have to roam in gangs to protect yourselves from other roaming gangs.

It’s better this way. After all, what’s life if you don’t take a few risks?

Migrants in France put on a fireworks show for the ungrateful locals.
Incidentally, this is what these migrant “minors” look like.

This small child with the receding hairline claims to be a 12-year-old boy. This picture was taken after he came first in a children’s running competition:

Here’s some more:

Here’s a “15-year-old” Somalian “refugee” who murdered a 22-year-old female aid-worker at the housing center for migrant children he was given a home in.

Here’s a “17-year-old” basketball star from the Sudan who was given refugee status in Canada:

He turned out to be a 29-year-old man.

It’s our responsibility to help these poor, innocent children.

Even though these people survived for millennia after millennia without us, they can’t survive without us — understand?

Even if we have to give up our entire way of life, bankrupt our entire welfare system which our ancestors created for us, live under constant fear of terrorism, get robbed all the time and have our women, children, and grandmothers get raped — it’s worth it.

Our dear leaders getting to feel good about themselves by helping these disadvantage children is all that counts in the end.

Civilizations rise and fall, but selfies last forever.