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Sniffy signs 10 TEN different Executive Orders on covid

Mark of the Beast Laws

Sniffy signs 10 TEN different Executive Orders on covid

Don Bradley “Isn’t wonderful to live in a free country?”

It’s official. According to the low dictates of the Demon Regime, we are henceforth—by federal law no less—to get the Illuminati mark of the bitch juice in our Temple of the Most High, our body, with DNA of Nimrod, abortion tissue, and his little Gatesy glowing tattoo. Failure to do the following will result in

  • Doxing
  • Deplatforming
  • Closure of banking accounts
  • Accounts seizure (cops and your local county get half)
  • Disbarment.
  • Unable to fly
  • Unable to do business in ANY government building
  • Unable to get or own, a business license
  • Unable to go to school, at any grade, public or private
  • Unable to receive doctor’s care or visit a hospital

They left out grocery stores; but turns out, they are leaving that up to the very compliant and eager to serve satan states’ leaders. There is definitely a bad moon on the rise, for Kamala’s satanic coronation on February 2nd.

All for a flu that has a survival rate of 99.975%.

All for a flu, where every regular death from falls to car accidents is counted as covid. To keep the numbers up. All deaths are now covid deaths.They have been since May 2020. 

See the problem?

And, sniffy and blow both want and are enabling to military the enforce things to go as they dictate. No congress, no supremes, just sign and go. Times ten, says sniffy the demon.

Times Ten.

Seriously major bummer descending. Everyone always wondered what these days would be like. Well, now we know.

Love the people in your life as if each day were your very last. Our mutual connection to Yeshua and our Holy Father, YHVH binds us all as a family, in His Name. That…make that of moment, going forward. If you haven’t taken the time, the gates to freedom are still open. Until that day.

Until that day.