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Sniffy Immediately Removes ‘China Challenge’ As ‘Policy Issue’ on State Dept Website

The Biden regime has revised the Trump-era State Department website to omit describing the Chinese Communist party as one of the department’s main “policy issues.”

The site – state.gov – also revised China’s country profile page to lead with “U.S. Relations With China” as opposed to its predecessor, “The Chinese Communist Party: Threatening Global Peace and Security.”

A January 19th archive of the site reveals 23 items as “policy issues” on a drop-down menu on the Trump administration’s version of the site.

In contrast, the Biden regime lists just 17.

Among the issues flagged by the Trump administration but omitted from the Biden regime’s newly launched site include 5G security, The China Challenge, Illegal Immigration, Iran: A Dangerous Regime, Nicaragua: A Return to Democracy, and Venezuela: a Democratic Crisis.

When clicked, the “China Challenge” issue links to a now-defunct page that was headed “The Chinese Communist Party: Threatening Global Peace and Security” and provided a chronicle of the regime’s “predatory economic practices, coercive tactics abroad, military aggression, disregard for human rights, environmental abuses, and undermining [of] global norms and values.”

Similarly, the 5G-related page cautioned against the use of Chinese Communist Party-linked telecommunication firms such as Huawei and ZTE.

The illegal immigration page – similarly scrubbed from the internet – noted the “United States affirms its sovereign right to determine who may enter the country and under what circumstances” before describing how the act “burdens the economy, hurts American workers, presents public safety risks, and enriches smugglers and other criminals.”

Changes have also occurred on the country profile portion of the State Department site.

Before Biden assumed the presidency, the Trump administration’s China profile was headed “The Chinese Communist Party: Threatening Global Peace and Security.”


Now, it is titled “U.S. Relations With China.”