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Sneaky stuff to stall Truth

March 28, 2022

First, skanktube (Susan S, come on down) blacklisted me and shadow banned truth of this work, as well as deleting 95+ percent of the views, while slowly deleting the over 500 videos on the Uwantsun channel; there are a few left, mostly harmless stuff. Nothing Au Currant. I shifted to Bitchute and Rumble.

Rumble began doing exactly the same profile as skanktube. They outright banned me January 2022.

Bitchute left the videos up, but has made anything older than a few months unplayable. I and others have verified this.

Blogger has made playing in short videos uploaded to the blog, unplayable. Yesterday I uploaded the donkey buggles again, and within an hour, unplayable. They also have deleted, by the analytics count, over 400 blog posts and articles – KEY MATERIAL – since 2010.

Wow. This I’ve known, written about it.

So, I have a shared server on uwantson.com, which I really haven’t done any updating to in 10 years. That is changing. It is being upgraded and with a video section for ALL THE VIDEOS, over 1,100 of them, to be made available for downloading. I cannot provide streaming, because I cannot afford to pay for bandwidth. I have no income streams any longer and the donations here wouldn’t pay a quarter of my rent. 

So the problem is mathematical after all.

Will try to continue to serve you all. Best I can. I’m not a quitter, never have been, unless the odds are too great and I have Dad; they do not. And Dad daily weighs in on the matter and is punishing the unrighteous in all cases, often severely.

There is the appearance of freedom and then there is freedom. In the west, we have the illusion of freedom and little else.

It is clear the only way forward is to remove myself from ALL their satanic platforms, period.

Now, generally, you don’t announce your plans before you enact them. However, they know all about it, through surveillance, and the folks I’m working with emails get deleted, phone calls are cut a half dozen times per call (they control the phones, internet, everything in case you were not aware) and so on.

It’s just time you knew.

Thank youDon

Sometimes dozens daily…