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Rumble removes 97% of the likes on our videos today

Someone is unhappy with my content. This is what youtube did. It removed subscribers, removed likes, then finally removed content. From thousands of “rumbles” or likes, to 280. This way, any growth or visiblity of the channel within their own structure and algorithms is sent back to the bottom and oblivion. 

It doesn’t matter. I know that the people who need to see whatever they need to see, will do so, regardless of their censorship and violation of free speech.

Bitchute only lets me put up 1 in 5 video uploads, I rarely even bother with them anymore in that regard.

Patreon forbade me having conversations with subscribers right off. From nearly day one.

From 2005 through 2007 Payhell banned me for existing. Mainly for the nephilim articles and pictures from those days and I had a bunch on the former sites they just simply banned outright from existing.

Gab, from day one, also blocked me from posting right off.

The mirror site wordpress stopped me posting content with pictures a year ago, forcing me to make the daily-messenger.com site, which the CCP owns. And they…well you know what they do.

This is not a gripe thing. I mostly loathe that behavior from folks who lean on that sort of thing. I’ve always known it was war and considered this the cost of doing business.

Then, it’s our turn. To pray for them. That their house be brought into judgment. And that they come to repentance and grace. And that if they be evil, their ways be stunted and their harm be returned to them.

This is the time we live in. The land of the fee and the slave.