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Rule 6

6) When a bro pays for all the alcohol for an occasion himself, this must be made known to all present and made out to be the greatest feat ever observed in human history. A bro may skip out on kicking in for beer if he has done this recently.

Kindness among bros and among the general population of earth should always be encouraged. Just this morning I was stuck in morning traffic waiting to make a turn. And this totally chill bro stopped, for no apparent reason, and allowed me to make my turn risk free. He was by no means obligated to do this and it wasn’t convenient for him, this made him a good bro.

I acknowledged his kindness with a bro nod of respect and a wave. So understandably, when a bro goes out of his way to spend his hard earned bills to treat for alcohol for the night, it is a great thing! Appreciation for such and act can be shown in any way a bro may see fit. But when someone does do this, we can notice a lot of respect and new phraseology in the conversation for the rest of the night.

We start to see things like, “dude, can I have one of your beers?” Phrases like this stay in the conversation even after the bro who treated has claimed a number of times, “go ahead man, I bought this for all of us, you don’t have to ask.”

This is good bro-man-ship. And it has already been stated that the bro code and common courtesy go hand in hand. A bro who takes it upon himself to exact a personal toll on his wallet for his bros is showing lots of love, so remember bros, show the love back.

It is recommended that bros should be on the lookout for any leaches in the group. Someone who continually refuses to contribute or even show proper gratitude. One should not feel morally obligated to placate this kind of behavior, a bro should always call another bro out on his bull shit. Only when there aren’t any chicks around of course.

As always my bros, go forth with your internal and written wisdom that is the bro code. Keep the stoke and remember that the bro code is what separates a true man from the beasts (and the chicks).