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Purpose of this blog

Because there are new readers here, who may be unaware of this and other blogs over the years, this statement.

It may appear to those people who live their lives judgementally and with scorn that the material presented herein is passing judgement upon the conditions of this world. That is incorrect.

I merely show you the times we live in. The forces at work on this dimension, both high and low. It’s up to you to make sense of it, deal with it, and understand it. How you go about doing that is your business; I attend to my business.

See things as they are. Understand. Relate. Perceive. These are the things I’m on about. Always have been. When others misconstrue or use this material to advance their own agendas, that’s their business.

There are spiritual agendas at work on earth. Anyone who pays any attention in the slightest to the world around them must see this. What you align toward and for what reasons, is again, your business. It’s your soul. Therefore it’s your choices. Choose what you will – it’s what you’ll do anyway and regardless of commentary I might ever make.

So, for me, it’s live and let live. It’s love and let love. It’s the only modality for Don Bradley that gets me through some pretty hellish times, places, and people.

I see the low and the high and the blend of the two. It’s the way of earth. It’s always been that way. And there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for quite some time. At least in our lifetime.

You have to find your own road. do you own work and thinking. Find your own way. No person can do it for you. Ever. It’s why you are here.

So, spare me your judgements, hostilities, preconceived static viewpoints. I’ve heard them all. Long before most people ever considered them. I’ve been reading and writing about all of this since 1976. That’s a long time. a very long time, as far as a life time goes.

I’ve studied every major religion extant. The Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc. etc. etc. I’ve written books on the subject, given lectures for DECADES and have, since a child, witnessed the unseen behind the facade of existence.

More to the point. It’s all out there for your cosideration. You’ll understand and receive what you are ready to understand and receive. What you do with it – open mind and heart – depends entirely upon you, within the framework of fate and freewill.