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Rental Cars Now Use Facial Recognition To Spy On Your Vacation or business trip


What you say, do…where you go…why you go…it’s all recorded and streamed real time. If their algorithms and keywords are triggered, the car is shut down, doors locked with no egress, and the police notified of any perceived crime, even if only talked about. Light a cigarette, you are shut down–the computer thinks its marijuana.

Renting a car today is like inviting cameras and microphones into your showers and bedroom. They see and hear everything you do and say and if they don’t like what they hear or see, you are made a prisoner in the car, until such time as the police arrive to search you, your belongings, etc. Consider any expensive cameras, cash, checks, watches, debit cards as ASSET SEIZED at that moment. Police departments all over the country are ecstatic about these new features as it allows them audio and video excuse to rob you of your vacation money, throw you and your family in jail, and even seize the rental car as an asset. You have to pay for with the rental agency, they get to sell it at auction.

This is already happening. For two years now.

The horror stories about this, in every state, county, and city are terrible. You literally have to drive silently, do nothing, say nothing, have nothing, or run the risk of being made a prisoner in your rental car. If you cross state lines on vacation, the car is automatically disabled and locked down, even in heavy traffic.

So much for flying to your destination and seeing relatives in a few states and doing the sights. And for heaven’s sake, don’t talk politics or anything having to do with criminality, even if it is something you saw on the evening news. What you say triggers the system to create an arrest and asset seizure event.

By MassPrivateI
Five days ago, IDEMIA announced their plan to install facial recognition cameras in rental vehicles.
IDEMIA and Omoove are combining forces to spy on car renters everywhere.

You will never rent a car the same way thanks to EasyOpen solution that combines IDEMIA’s expertise in secure service enablement and Omoove’s experience in Shared Mobility platforms and on-board technology. (Source)

They got one thing right, “you will never rent a car the same way.” Because now companies will use facial biometrics to spy on your family vacations, shopping, dining, etc. in real-time.

This year, both companies have just announced the introduction of a new process for the digital enrollment of the driver combined with facial recognition technology, which will be implemented into EasyOpen solution.

Last year, I warned everyone that the Lincoln company has installed ‘complimentary’ TSA PreCheck biometric scanners in their 2018 vehicles. (Click here see how Honda’s 2018 Odyssey uses CabinWatch to spy on passengers.)
Turning rental cars into facial biometric surveillance platforms is a privacy nightmare.
How will law enforcement use facial biometrics?
Police will use facial biometrics to spy on your family
Law enforcement and car rental companies will be able to use facial biometrics to spy on your vacation no matter where in the world you go or which company you choose.
Car rental companies can combine GPS and facial recognition data to create an intimate record of your family vacation.
A 2015 news article in The Street, revealed that most rental vehicles are equipped with GPS location systems and cameras.

Numerous Florida car rental companies are notorious for literally shutting off engines of cars that cross state lines.

And another article in Komando warned that Hertz had secretly installed video cameras in their vehicles.
Once a rental company has your facial biometrics and other personal information, it will be easy for law enforcement and data mining companies to access those records. (Click here, here and here to find out how car rental privacy polices share your personal information.)
Who is IDEMIA?

IDEMIA, formerly known as MorphoTrust also wants states to do away with physical drivers licenses and IDs and store everyone’s facial biometrics on a smartphone.
As of August 2017, there are eleven states using digital drivers licenses and IDs in the U.S. (Click here to find out more about IDEMIA’s digital drivers licenses and IDs.)
Who is Omoove?
Omoove specializes in end-to-end shared mobility; in other words, they work with car rental companies to track a vehicle’s every movement in real-time.

Omoove gives your operators the ability to track vehicles and access diagnostics in real-time through a central console, so you never have to worry about losing visibility into key user and vehicle metrics again. (Source)