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the whole story about frozen filters on gas lines was a hoax. Now it has been discovered that NONE of the wind turbines needed to be shut down, and that in fact conditions were far more favorable than normal for using them to generate power. Yet 30 gigawatts was suddenly switched off and there appears to be no reason for it. ERCOT is scrambling for answers. They can’t explain what happened. Even coal and nuclear went down. So what on earth happened? STUXNET? or was this a big political game?

Here are a couple quotes from ARS technica:

“While some early reports indicated that frozen wind turbines were causing significant shortfalls, 30GW is roughly equal to the entire state’s wind capacity if every turbine is producing all the power it’s rated for. Since wind in Texas generally tends to produce less during winter, there’s no way that the grid operators would have planned for getting 30GW from wind generation; in fact, a chart at ERCOT indicates that wind is producing significantly more than forecast.”

“In the past, severe cold has caused US supplies of natural gas to be constrained, as use in residential heating competes with its use in generating electricity. But that doesn’t explain the shortfalls in coal and nuclear, and the ERCOT executive wasn’t willing to speculate.”

I’ll speculate: ERCOT got either Stuxnet attacked, or has been infiltrated like a Pennsylvania court!

There will be large numbers of dead in Texas

How large is anyone’s guess, but you cannot have a cold snap suitable for northern Minnesota combined with a massive power outage IN TEXAS and get good results. It is going to be bad. How bad? No one knows yet. And I won’t rule out weather warfare as the cause of this. It is all just too “coincidental.” Biden probably intends to punish Texas so badly Texas has no option other than to scream for federal help, Secession? HA!!! take that!!!

If you are in the U.S. you can easily end up with a $10,000 electric bill this month

Opportunists are slapping random prices on electricity right now because of all the problems and 100 times normal price is quite common now. And often it is even higher. You will NOT be told you’re being screwed either. The bill will simply arrive and be apocalyptic. And from what I have seen in the past, scamsters that do this get away with it every time, you DO have to pay. Even if I was in an area not severely affected, the only thing I’d run is perhaps a single laptop and the furnace only (if it is not electric) – I would run no lights, no TV, no appliances, NOTHING. I’d have whatever needs refrigeration outside in the cold.

I predict this entire power situation is an act of war and that Texas is a primary target. I also suspect that this severe cold snap is probable weather manipulation with Biden written all over it.

I predict there will be large numbers of people who will receive five digit eletric bills even if most of the time they had no electricity. When the lights come on, do not celebrate, instead keep them off and run GAS FURNACE ONLY and for god’s sake don’t even consider using an electric space heater.


If your ERCOT electric bill is normally $30, and power stayed at current prices this entire month, it will be $9,000 in some areas. Yes, it scales. If your electric bill is normally $300, and the prices stayed as high as they have been it will be $90,000. MOST LIKELY IT WILL GO LIKE THIS: On day X, the price was 300 times higher than usual, and you used X amount, on day Y the price was 100X higher than usual, and you used X, and on day z the price was 50X higher than usual, and you uzed Z amount and for the rest of the month it was 30X higher than usual so your combined electric bill for this 30 day period will be $13,520. I am not joking, they are going to pull this crap.


I have seen this type of thing happen to other people (fortunately never me) and when it did happen they DID have to pay, (thousands of dollars) there is no way out of it.

This is not only for Texas, there are at least 15 other states where this is happening to people. And when they get the bill it will be more than an ambush, it will be an absolute outrage. There’s absolutely no reason to spike the electrical costs that damn high, the cost of generation does not go up just because everyone suddenly has no power. This is explicitly parasite ZERO CONSCIENCE scamming that for some reason (they) get away with every time.

No matter where you are in the U.S. right now, CUT YOUR ELECTRICAL USE TO THE BARE MINIMUM, in many places there will be a huge ambush in the mail.

Lots of people are suspicious about this cold snap

They are wondering if it is weather mod. All I have to say in reply is DARK WINTER. We were promised one, and now, in many places, the LIGHTS ARE OUT. And this never happened before. Gosh, how did Biden know beforehand???

REPEAT: Witness the results of vote fraud. REPEAT: Witness the results of vote fraud. REPEAT: Witness the results of vote fraud. REPEAT: Witness the results of vote fraud. Can you see them yet?

When the people stealing elections want your nation destroyed and HATE YOUR GUTS, vote fraud REALLY MATTERS. Inaction after such a theft is a ticket to doom.