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Is the covid vax killing thousands every week?

 Yesterday I had a big report about Covid vax deaths ready to go and opted to not post it because everything was too undefined. The VAERS web site does not make anything clear, but if you go to their site and download the raw data and do searches in relation to the Pfizer vax, over 2,500 deaths per week show up. However, I manually dug through the data and could only come up with about 550 deaths per week that way, because a search term can produce multiple hits on the same death if it is mentioned more than once.


If the reporting rate at VAERS is really only 1 percent, (I actually think it is more like 3 percent) but if it really is 1 percent as some are claiming, it would mean 55,000 people are dying from the corona vax per week. That’s a lot higher than any stat being quoted in the MSM. My hunch is that it is lower, 1/3 that, at about 18,300 per week which is also a number the MSM won’t touch.

And that makes sense. The vax, (corona and flu) has killed 3 people I know of here. It is freaking deadly. The other two went in for other reasons and were attributed to Corona (3 shots, 1 cancer, 1 kidney) all “corona deaths”.

Any way you cut it however, the VAERS data shows something is truly amiss with that vax. This is ONLY DEATHS, severe adverse reactions not resulting in death have got to be happening at over a million per week because there are many thousands being reported to VAERS and if that represents only 1-3 percent that’s why some school districts had to close after staff got their “DNA update” called a vax –