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PETA Says Animals Are Offended – Are We Getting Dumber?

If peta is so concerned with animals, why do they MURDER some 50 to 60 thousand a year. Check it out. They are satanic butchers who HURT animals and KILL them.

The CEO is a self declared witch. These animals are used in satanic rituals; PETA is the supplier to that, nationwide. See Fritz Springmeier’s book on the subject, Bloodlines of the Illuminati.

Peta doesn’t care about animals, they care about press. That’s why they do and say outlandish things. They are all about duping the gullible into donating money to them so they continue to afford that nice riverfront office building in Norfolk, VA and so the executives of this “nonprofit” can afford to keep paying themselves 6 figure salaries.

Peta runs kill shelters. The Peta office in Norfolk kills more animals every year than any other kill shelter in the area. They have their own incinerator on site to dispose of the bodies. Several years ago, I assume their incinerator was down but they were so dedicated to killing as many animals as possible, they couldn’t take a break until they got it fixed, their employees were caught red handed dumping dog and cat carcasses into dumpsters in North Carolina (Norfolk’s only about a 45 minute drive from the state line). I wonder if the animals were offended about that?

Peta is nothing more than a scam organization out to rake in as much in donations from the suckers as they can.