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see also the section on sulfur, cysteine, NAC, thiols, etc.)
1498 saunas for mercury; nickel detox
33666 will boosting MT in kids with autism lead to recovery?
27969 rebuttal to study about MT protein; correcting MT protein does not treat autism.
36574 bioresonance sound waves (as method of mercury detox)
36237 effect of selenium on mercury, in the body (use as chelator)
35330 selenium & zinc (not chelators)
32695 HBOT (as treatment for mercury toxicity)
938 EDTA
2517 EDTA
2414 cilantro, vitamin C (as chelators)
2583 rebuttal about specific paper about cilantro
2771 vitamin C doesn’t detox mercury (but some physicians think it does)
2897 vitamin C does not chelate mercury
2771 vitamin C (as a chelator)
2353 vitamin C & electrolytes don’t remove mercury
2658 dangers of “bad” protocols; chlorella; also Klinghardt
2794 Tyler mercury detox product
2788 Tyler mercury detox product
2697 Penicillamine (as a chelator) [response to 2696]
2656 D-pennicillin and D-pennicillamine (as chelators)
32934 wheatgrass juice (not chelator)
32637 garlic (not chelator)
32636 product NDF
2372 homeopathic detox?
34003 product HUMET for chelation
32631 product Metal Free by Body Revolution; connections between autism, gut problems, and chelation
55969 metal free
31557 Ambrotose (as chelator) (farther down in long post) (*this post is duplicated– looking for one that is mostly about Ambrotose)
2840 melatonin does not chelate mercury
1145 how to use ALA
1651 basic chelation schedule to try out
1860 ALA only– dosage and schedule
32943 DMPS dosage
36195 ratio of DMSA to ALA
921 general about chelation agents, dose, good & bad schedules
2164 dose of DMSA & ALA; splitting pills up
1934 how long can “on” part of cycle be extended?
1869 length of “on” period as related to degree of toxicity
2785 are one-day cycles okay? (with no overnight)
1594 risks in using “bad” protocols; DMPS vs. DMSA; how do we know that mercury stays in the brain?; purpose of the BBB
34169 how do you know if dose used is too high?
34005 are breaks from chelation needed?
33779 is it okay to do 1 day cycles?
1639 ALA– length of “on” cycle; transdermal patches; being observant and trying things
1663 transdermal chelation; DMSO
1010 personal experience with how much the “every 3 to 4 hours” schedule sucks
2778 dose of ALA and DMSA; metabolism of ALA is probably linear; amount of mercury removed is not linear as dose goes up
36193 need for steady blood level of DMSA; relationship of dose to mercury excretion; longer cycles are okay
2518 ALA: importance of dose schedule
1846 DMSA– 8 hours vs 4 hours
34733 how mercury redistribution causes problems on “bad” protocols; why does redistribution mean “worse” distribution?
747 DMSA, DMSA schedule, & determining schedules for chelators
827 proper and improper chelation schedules
864 good & bad chelation schedules
399  explanation of keeping steady blood level and how to determine the proper timing for doses of a given chelator
33447 how high a dose (DMSA) is okay; is dose or frequency more important? side effects on higher doses (DMSA); observation & experiment; dumb things he tried — NOTE THAT THE 22 mg/LB MENTIONED IN THIS POST IS INCORRECT (but it is otherwise an excellent detailed post, so I’m using it anyhow.) Retraction of error can be found in post 33495
392 unsafety of 8 hr dose schedule for DMSA
52843 development (history) of the DAN protocol
53055 his protocol vs. the DAN protocol — comparisons, explanation of differences; also some history of DAN protocol; also danger of IV glutathione
803 effects of bad protocols DMSA/DMPS
1453 typical symptoms from “bad” dose schedule
1574 using “bad” protocol with DMSA/DMPS vs doing nothing
2252 chelation schedules: side effects with too short a chelation period, or doses too far apart
1244 redistribution of mercury on “bad” protocols; length of “on” period; his personal regime of chelators and supplements
1247 is it okay to skip night doses? how short can the “on” period be?
2783 don’t skip middle-of-night doses
1736 DMPS IV chelation
1740 DMPS IV chelation
2458 DMPS injection risks; DMPS worshippers vs AMA worshippers; suppression of data
26959 DMPS injection vs. DMPS orally; negative effects from DMPS injections; Dr. Klinghardt
34318 what can be done AFTER a bad reaction to DMPS injections?
35324 amount of mercury in urine during chelation may not be meaningful
35144 what tests are necessary during chelation?
19250 common excretion pattern where lots of mercury is excreted then little, then lots
2715 when to collect urine (to test excretion)
32945 recommendation to treat yeast while continuing chelating
32639 chelators do not feed yeast much
53180 treating yeast and gut bugs; using preventive treatments for gut bugs; some specific treatments for various bugs.
32632 connections between autism, gut problems, and chelation; ALA and gut issues; product Metal Free by Body Revolution
1838 risks; getting it “wrong”, going on
2476 importance of observing effects on your kid
1705 side effects of ALA vs DMSA+ALA; how long cycles?
1534 DMSA & neutropenia (rare side effect)
2460 effects of DMSA using “bad” schedule; possible side effects of DMSA (neutropenia)
431 what chelation feels like (including to him)
946 side effects of chelation – when to reduce dosage
1972 body warmth as side effect of DMSA
1258 taking fiber during chelation (rebuttal)
1311 taking fiber during chelation
32762 why is child hyper after chelation?
2822 smelly poop while chelating is common
2855 ALA can lead to frequent urination; this can be a sign of too high a dose
2945 slight declines in progress between cycles and how progress becomes more “permanent” over time
2050 do metals chelate out in a certain order?
2085 why metals do NOT chelate out in a certain order
2086 do metals chelate out in some order?
2096 why don’t metals come out in some order? [response to post 2093]
32516 ALA: dose; signs that tell you chelation is working; how soon to expect these signs
510 how long to chelate
512 how long to chelate; chelation & regression; when to stop
1168 when to stop
36581 no relevant tests for chelation progress
36238 if chelation doesn’t help, go back to diagnostic steps
35319 if absence of side effects AND no improvement, revisit diagnosis again
33491 how do we know how “far along” we are in chelating? can you calculate based on vaccines used?
(this includes some supplements)
32942 sulfur: some kids have too much, some too little; what to do if LOW sulfur
25890 sulfur, sulfate, thiols; too many thiols can stir up mercury (“bad”)
2777 what are thiols? mitochondrial problems and mercury toxicity, and improvement with chelation
36183 list of sulfur foods (looks incomplete)
30019 sulfur foods, comprehensive detox profile test results, sulfate
22243 limiting sulfur foods and sulfur supplements for high sulfur child; combination of high sulfur and low sulfate
2794 trial of high sulfur diet and low sulfur diet
57707 plasma cysteine & plasma sulfate results: how to treat all possible combinations of results for these 2 things
57332 Glutathione IVs not recommended even if low cysteine; in some cases of low cysteine it does not help to supplement with sulfury supplements; what else to use
32641 NAC, methionine: when do these cause redistribution of mercury?
32946 DMSA doesn’t affect sulfur levels
2912 ALA effects on mercury, extracellular cysteine, intracellular glutathione; NAC effect on glutathione; inappropriate use of ALA
33448 sulfate (in epsom salts) vs. sulfur
32515 why do epsom salt baths help (oxidized sulfur); what to do if low cysteine
402 chemical bonding of sulfur, mercury, chlorella, ALA
1091 chemistry of NAC, thiols, sulfur, & chelation agents.
1106 rebuttal of Pangborn on cysteine
2011 cysteine damage — Pfeiffer & heavy metals
2032 cysteine
1880 cysteine does not remove mercury
32640 cysteine: not a chelator; how to test level; okay to chelate without testing for it
1997 cysteine, NAC, etc.
2005 cysteine [comments he is responding to are in post 2004]
32936 cysteine, glutathione: comments on abstract “Methylmercury inhibits cysteine uptake in cultured primary astrocytes, but not in neurons
2470 glutathione, mercury, thiol, cysteine, yeast
36199 glutathione (not a chelator)
2494 glutathione
2024 glutathione; anti-oxidants
31557 glutathione only useful for SOME kids (farther down in long post); also counting rules, amino acid tests, probiotics, sulfur foods, plasma cysteine test
36153 chemical structure of glutathione; rebuttal to Kirkman’s description of glutathione as having 3 biologically active sulfur tripeptides
26204 rebuttal to study; plasma cysteine, glutathione, dietary intake of sulfur foods
25970 glutathione can stir up metals; thiols
31557 glutathione stirs mercury around, has negative effects; especially bad for high sulfur people (*post also listed under Ambrotose)
57321 IV glutathione — why this can be harmful, even to LOW thiol kids.
36198 IV glutathione
35451 IV glutathione vs. oral vs. other supplements
(see also the section on sulfur, cysteine, NAC, thiols, etc.)
41465 recommended supplements for chelation
35449 recommended supplements for chelation
32782 recommended supplements for chelation
32642 recommended supplements for chelation
33298 minimum set of supplements to use for VERY sensitive kid
2798 do not stop giving minerals– supplement minerals all the time (on and off)
2803 various forms of vitamin C
2694 how to do IV’s (vitamin C, etc.)
2017 need to take vitamins frequently; vitamin C for cataracts
1636 taking supplements 3 or 4 times a day
1266 niacin
685 hydrogenated fats induce autistic symptoms in (specific) child and fibro symptoms in (specific) adult
34737 hydrogenated fats
807 selenium
32454 where to buy selenometionin
35458 effects of zinc and selenium on mercury in the body
1792 detox and liver
930 MSM
1683 thyroid supplementation
1499 ox bile supplement
1504 ox bile vs milk thistle
1511 enzyme dysfunction
2343 porphyra-zyme
1542 epsom salt baths vs MSM
2410 melatonin (for insomnia)
2412 melatonin: taking melatonin doesn’t inhibit body’s melatonin production
34326 melatonin
2429 homeopathic drainers
2497 SAMe
35450 chewable vitamins
34171 what are mixed carotenes? how much to give?
35164 beta carotene and liver phase 1 metabolism
33724 oral B12 vs. B12 injections
32655 lithium (supplement)
43287Lithium supplementation
35353 why EFA help mercury toxic kids
34847 supplements to help heal gut
34840 EFA: fish oil vs. flaxseed oil?
34830 EFA: why flaxseed rather than borage or fish oil?
2742 organic meats; food additives (especially in meat and fish); his getting sick from antibiotics in meat
538 medical tests; how, why, avoiding excessive blood draws
1719 labs
1224 vision therapy and vision screening
2088 behavioral optometrists
1248 multiple chemical sensitivities
916 Parkinson’s disease
1993 reactivity to chlorine in swimming pools
1782 MS
1700 giardia
1741 salt cravings
2114 NAET (an allergy treatment)
2223 creatinine levels (on tests)
32415 acetone breath
33717 low amonia levels
33725 high ketones (on urine test)
2563 sulfa drugs; how the liver marks toxins; slow phase 2 acetylation
2628 hyperbaric oxygen (HBOT)
1023 supplements during amalgam replacement
1114 amalgam replacement safety
907 how to help someone w/ amalgams in place (without replacement)
2014 porcelain (dental material)
1925 composite (white) fillings
1963 porcelain in molars
2320 amalgam content; amalgam replacement
36242 pain in teeth after amalgam replacement due to bite misalignment
33804 what to do about current exposure due to amalgam filling breaking apart in mouth; how to dispose of the amalgam pieces
33048 xrays not needed during amalgam replacement
2683 currents & order of amalgam replacements
2593 braces
386 doctors and taking personal responsibility
853 doctors
857 doctors
882 doctors
1593 lack of knowledgeable chelation doctors
34001 how different types of doctors tend to approach mercury poisoning; taking responsibility yourself
21647 what science is
688 science, religion, and real observation
858 interpreting studies
2408 his saying things in an abrasive way; medical system; evaluating information from various sources; pragmatic use of information
899 HMOs etc.
34369 trying to work with HMOs and hostility
1455 medical religion
2227 hospitals, politics
33665 medical ethics; evil; freedom of speech (as regards medicine)
33092 doctors, medical liscensure, medical training
32519 suppression of free speech in medicine; licensure and harmful medical practices
32726 IOM report on thimerosal
53182 problems with vaccination; lack of useful information on vaccination in current situation
33055 trying things out to help your kid; doctors attitudes & American Academy of Pediatrics
32938 Dr. Stephen Edelson (Atlanta GA)
22425 the need to take care of the PARENTS
748 importance of treating parents
1890 kreb’s cycle
2364 no mother guilt
406 his credentials
931 his credentials
1646 how he does chelation (on himself)
1583 he is not a health care professional
54910 he is not an M.D. and does not give medical advice.
34844 does he do phone consultations?
These are probably only worthwhile if you ALREADY have some concern about a given controversy or accusation.
647 about Ray Saarela, the amalgam list, and rebuttal about Vanessa Strange (on DMPS backfire website)
2239 quackwatch