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considered extremely safe and there are no health warnings against the usual use of EDTA.
The usual use of EDTA would be to dissolve some in water and spray this water on the vegetables and fruits in your supermarket.  The fruit, leaves, etc., tend to turn brown from oxidation.  It is sometimes called “rusting.”  When you spray EDTA onto these fruits and vegetables, the EDTA grabs the iron that might be on the leaves, etc., and holds them so they can’t then combine with oxygen and create that rusty color.  So, EDTA is what is often used to keep the leaves green, and the fruits so fresh looking.
EDTA has been used for many decades, with complete approval by the FDA, to remove lead metal poisoning.  In fact, there is literally no other method of getting rid of lead in the body than EDTA.  Back 50 years ago it was ONLY given in the oral form.  In other words, people with lead poisoning would simply take a few EDTA tablets, and very soon the lead was dumped into the urine, and the toilet — and the body was free from the toxic lead that caused so much illness and death.
The major source of lead in those days was lead in the gasoline, then into the air you breathe, and also in the paints being used.  The “solution” for lead poisoning was simple — with EDTA tablets, but the government didn’t like that idea and wanted to remove the lead from the gasoline and from paint. In order to make sure that there was enough pressure on those who had to act, the government forced the makers of EDTA tablets to quit — and the medical recommendations for oral EDTA disappeared.  In their place you began to find intravenous EDTA.  That worked fine, but it was harder and much more expensive, so fewer people would do it.
Thus, there was not effective pressure to remove the lead from our air and gasoline, because, otherwise, there would be many people dieing from lead toxicity — not knowing about IV EDTA, or not being able to afford it.
This IV EDTA industry has now gotten so large that they start criticizing oral EDTA as worthless. They have mostly forgotten the history and roots of oral EDTA.  I have many research studies showing that oral EDTA DOES work.
EDTA used intravenously grabs onto metals in much the same way as Cysteine.  EDTA, intravenous, has about a one hour period of time in the body before it gets channeled to the kidneys for elimination — much the same as Cysteine.   Since Cysteine  is a natural amino acid, it can stay in the body, working to chelate, longer then EDTA. Both, however, are good chelating substances.  NAC does the same.
With EDTA there is more stress on the kidneys than with Cysteine — because the body tries to get rid of all the EDTA in about one hour.
When you take EDTA orally, only about 5% of it is absorbed into the blood stream. This fact has given rise to the false claim, from the IV chelation doctors who don’t know their own history, that oral EDTA is worthless.  That is a false claim.  It is easy to disprove.
You get a urine test for metals before taking chelation (either IV or oral) then start the chelation treatment.   After only a few days on chelation, get another urine test for metals. The urine will now contain as much as FIFTY TIMES more metal than before — obviously the body is dumping the metal whether the EDTA is taken intravenously or orally.
Part of the answer is that oral EDTA attracts metals from inside the body, to move toward the colon, pass through the intestinal wall, and get bound to the EDTA — then it goes out in the stool, into the toilet.  Other mechanisms allow the metals to be eliminated through the urine.  When EDTA is taken orally there is little or no stress on the kidneys, and the EDTA has the extra advantage of handling any metals that happen to be in the very food being eaten — so they never get a chance to pass into the body.
EDTA, Cysteine and N Acetyl  Cysteine are powerful chelating substances.  They are the modern miracle of medicine because they remove the metals which are the source of a tremendous increase in the number and activity of free radicals.
Free radicals are the SOLE cause of all heart disease and cancer.
I have thousands of pages of studies on my 12 web sites, showing scientific studies of increased blood flow, reduced incidence of cancer and other health benefits.
EDTA is NOT a drug.  It is not quite a vitamin, since it is an “artificial” amino acid, but the patent on it ran out long ago and there is no profit left in making it — so you won’t see much promotion of it.  IV chelation has, unfortunately, gotten into a price war among the doctors — so they can’t charge what this treatment is really worth.  IV doctors normally charge about $100 per treatment, and that is far less than it is worth.
Oral chelation is, of course, a fantastic health bargain since it delivers so much benefit at such a low cost.