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Ohio mayor hooked up with Chinese spy in backseat of his car

The Mayor Of A Town In Ohio Hooked Up With A Chinese Spy In The Back Of A Car https://t.co/DqgB9I6BNG

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) December 8, 2020

Fang not only raised money for California Rep. Eric Swalwell and planted an intern in his office, she also was caught on FBI electronic surveillance having a sexual encounter with an unnamed Ohio mayor in his car

The FBI captured Fang’s sexual encounter with the Ohio mayor because the two hooked up in a car under electronic FBI surveillance, a U.S. official told Axios. The same official told the publication that when the mayor asked Fang why she liked him, she said that she wanted to improve her English.

REPORT — Chinese female spy developed ‘extensive ties’ to Eric Swalwell