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Cornell University has a new vaccine mandate — and it only applies to white students!

Cornell University has a new flu shot mandate in order to try and keep flu cases down so healthcare resources stay open for Covid patients. But the mandate applies to white people only, because of course it does, because we live in a clown world that gets clownier by the day.

That’s right, at Cornell you can duck the mandatory flu shot by claiming your race as an exemption. Unless you’re white, obviously.

Cornell has a FAQ page “especially for people of color” that explains how victimized they’ve been by white people and thus how they can’t be expected to trust someone to require them to get vaccinated (or something?) and ends with an invitation for non-white people to send an email to the department for an exemption to the vaccine mandate.


The flu vaccination requirement applies to all students studying in the Ithaca area. However, you may apply for an exemption if you have concerns / extenuating circumstances that affect your ability to meet this requirement.

… and …

We recognize that, due to longstanding systemic racism and health inequities in this country, individuals from some marginalized communities may have concerns about needing to agree to such requirements. For example, historically, the bodies the of Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) have been mistreated, and used by people in power, sometimes for profit or medical gain. It is understandable that the current Compact requirements may feel suspect or even exploitative to some BIPOC members of the Cornell community. Additionally, recent acts of violence against Black people by law enforcement may contribute to feelings of distrust or powerlessness. We know this history and validate the potential concerns it may raise.

BTW, how condescending and patronizing could they possibly be? If someone ever spoke to me like that while patting me on the head and claiming they were trying to help me, I would slap them with a hot lasagna straight out of the oven.


We strongly recommend that students comply with these requirements. At the same time, we understand that someone may know the science and still feel distrusting of health care and may have addition questions … We can be a resource if you need more information, an exemption, or have related questions, concerns. Please contact cornellhealth@cornell.edu.

There’s no two ways about it. Cornell has a flu vaccine mandate. But anyone who is not white can get an exemption because they’re not white.

To people with functioning brains, that is known as “discrimination.” In particular, “racism.”

Racism in the name of fighting racism. Woke clown world, ladies and gents.