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NINA JANKOWICZ: CIA, MKUltra, Edomite, now in Charge of killing the 1st amendment

 Another Edomite handed absolute power over the constitution to eliminate ALL TRUTH from America and beyond.

(I bet her and the hate whitey board for DHS has me and others already on its hit list)

The Phreak Brigade in Power: Douchehead, warthog, furry phreak. And this is America…this is America.

 And pursuing truth tellers right into concentration camps.

  • Lived in Ukraine for over a year;
  • Doing narrative management and counterintelligence/SIGINT for para-CIA entities;
  • Fulbright Scholarship (satanic elite track for edomites);
  • Appointed to the CIA’s main domestic intelligence gathering agency that runs all the fusion centers using Mossad cyber spying software; 
  • alleged Mossad asset, dual citizen;
  • Georgetown grad degree;
  • Screams about censorship necessary to shut down white people in Tik Tok videos;
  • In the summer of 2017, Nina Jankowicz, a twenty-eight-year-old American, was working in Kiev as a CIA communications adviser to Ukraine’s foreign ministry as part of a yearlong Fulbright fellowship. Jankowicz had an interest in digital diplomacy and in countering disinformation that was matched by a passion for musical theater;
  • alleged lesbian;
  • avowed Kabbalist;
  • had band in college called Harry Potter; (she’s obviously a practicing blood drinking witch)
  • Nina Jankowicz – Disinformation Expert https://wiczipedia.com
  • Sanpaku eyes of dominance and killer;

Deep Dive

SOPHIA STRATEGIES – MOLOCH OWL – https://www.sophias-strategies.com/ – CONFIRMS SHE IS A UKRAINIAN JEW/Ashkenazi.
possible reddit account: https://www.reddit.com/user/NinjaPiano_
possible wordpress: https://ninjapiano.wordpress.com/author/ninjapiano
She did a reddit AMA ON 04/19/2022: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/u7gf01/im_nina_jankowicz_author_of_how_to_be_a_woman/
REDDIT PROFILE: www.reddit.com/u/wiczipedia
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ninajankowicz/

The irony is that she is meant for us to freak out over until she is removed and replaced, when really we should be freaking out over the creation of Disinformation Governance Board at all. Any talking head focusing on her instead of the fact that this completely unconstitutional department was created is not on our side. Every talking head is focused on her instead of the creation of a completely illegitimate agency. 

She has so many connections to the CIA, it’s practically stamped on every link out there that is on her. Every single link you find the words CIA and NINA JANKOWICZ in the same sentence. In point of fact, she has literally worked for them at some of the highest levels. A blood drinker.


Do you shift as you beat the child senseless and remove their face for ultimate terror? Stupid question, but folks don’t know about you yet and need the education, you want to shut down.
High Priestess, Hillel (Lucifer coven) her Morticia Adams get up.
This killer is in charge of killing truth and truth tellers for DHS now.
Men will not be allowed to have opinions as that will automatically be classified as disinformation. This is one nasty Edomite lesbian.