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Donbas: 8 years of Azov/Ukrainian terror campaigns

Against Russians and Ukrainians. This is why Russia invaded, to protect its white Russian population from the Jewish controlled AZOVs, that was created by an Israeli billionaire and is controlled by the US CIA.

Lady in the film is correct, they turned their backs on God. And who will save them when a nation does that, America?

And in a few months time, it will be the West wandering the streets, looking for food, dodging bullets and bombs (from its OWN GOVERNMENTS, NOT RUSSIANS) AND WHO WILL SAVE THE WEST?

You have said, there is no God.

You have said, our own hands give us life, we come from primordial soup.

You have said, we can do whatever we want, its our body, life, country, world.

You have said, do for yourself, forget others.

You have said all this and more.

So, who do you expect to save you, the nephilim dogs that is wiping 7/8ths of you all out? 

What will you say then?