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Network lies and cover stories about the Aurora shooting

The MSM will and is painting him as they do all the other patsies in these mega-rituals – as loners, with social deformities and mental illnesses. This is the mainstream cover story. Think James Ear Ray, Lee Harvey Oswald, etc, as archetype examples still being used and you get the idea.

The so-called “alternative truth movement” shills, who are mostly agency plants getting the most radio airplay and who have their own radio shows and doing the alternative cover story of psychotropic medication malfunctions. Most of the shills are singing this so, doing this tap-dance.

The truth is that this is a satanic ritual for satanic purposes for satanic designs. The network doesn’t make a move – especially a public move where they make a big media event out of it – until they absolutely have the patsies and cover stories with attendant supporting cast players pre-rehearsed already in place. It’s a repeatable pattern, it’s planned well in advance and the only thing and honest about any of it is the death and carnage.

That’s real. The blood is real. The suffering is real. And spilling blood for dark ritualistic purposes is the core of their dark enterprise and EVERY TIME.

As with 911 and all the other satanic mega-rituals, the occult signatures are all over this thing. Just pay attention, ignore the media lies and truther shill lies and do your own critical thinking. Then the truth of the event literally jumps right out at you.

Then you are seeing things as they really are and are beyond deception and the deceivers.

You are free.