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Mother Nature? Really…

Remember that commercial from back in the 70s? “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!” and it was a middle-aged woman in a grecian gown all pissed off.

Gaia…a lower dimensional goddess of the underworld. That’s how satanism was creeped slowly into the mass consciousness of the world, even back then.

A witches circle, their calendar bible: one can see stylizations of this everywhere

When the movie ‘Avatar’ was released in late 2009, Adams promoted it:

“The concept of Gaia is also unleashed in the film, although it’s never referred to as Gaia.  At one point in the film when all hope seems lost for the natives, Jack Sully prays to Gaia to help save them, at which point the female character Na’vi says, ‘Mother Nautre doesn’t take sides.  She only maintains the balance of life.’  This demonstrates a much deeper understanding of the role of nature than most modern humans grasp.”  —  Michael Adams, Natural News

Interestingly, the phrase ‘Mother Nature’ was not actually a part of the dialog.  It was later edited into the quote by Mike Adams, including the spelling mistake.  Gaia was the name of a goddess in ancient Greek mythology.  She was the ‘Great Mother’ because she was said to be the mother of all the other gods.  It is from this mythology that the phrases ‘Mother Earth’ and ‘Mother Nature’ arose.  With the growing thread of paganistic environmentalism, the term ‘Gaia’ is being seen increasingly.  The pagan religions have always been involved in nature worship, and they have long promoted that the Earth is a female figure which should be worshiped.  The pagan infiltration into the alternative health movement has led to massive promotion of their belief system.  These people typically believe that environmentalism should have a higher priority than even human life.  It is why carbon dioxide, which humans expel, has been so vilified in recent years.