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Mossad threatens Kanye – arkancide inbound

Yet another ritual Sacrifice for Baal?
  1. Ye’s “awakening” was a case of boiling the frog except they wanted Ye to leap out, mix his followers and the “alt right,” and serve as a funny caution troll, “Ye West” lynchpin for aliyah from The West
  2. Shapiro, Luke etc keep referring to mental illness, which is by definition “gas lighting,” but there’s a real possibility Ye was brainwashed or hypno’d by military drug operator Harley Pasternak to “loop” on this specific fixation; doesn’t matter but sad. Pete Davidson was similarly the spaghetti trigger man, showing how deeply Hollywood coordinates with Ziopsyops, all clocked for 2030
  3. Trump has downshifted to the semi scripted “third act” of exiled king in winter, and is playing along because he’s old, able to relax off-camera, play golf while appearing engaged, and most importantly he stays mythic “patriotic” hero to millions of naive broke Americans, his guaranteed role, the final pressure release of US pride; the line of demarcation between Trump 2016 v. Trump 2024 was Q, and the psychological break was the J6 brake, the optic of “acceptance” the “FBI raid”
  4. Just as FTX and J6 served agendas for sealing off crypto into a CBDC, and sealing off DC from angry populists and coming vax-collapse backlash, Ye’s Last Cyber Stand is escalating into an online J6 soon ignited by irl FFs. Musk is acting as mediator and meme whisperer. Early 2023 brings… US Fed Digital Dollar tied to Musk’s Digital ID tied to noguns social credit, packaged and giftwrapped after :::tragic Christmas timed FFs:::
  5. Ukraine is being emptied of citizens, refashioned into Israel2.0. Analogous to a Mar-a-Lago and White House. Why? Ye is the brown bear mascot for an FF super bowl that creates aliyah from the “white West”

Underway, the polar flip from the “West” to NW0 of China, the Zio Project and Ukraine 2.0, Saudi Arabia, with Hollywood defragmented and pozzing the cracks