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More Liberal Tolerance – Chef Attacked By “Muslim Men” Because He “Looks Like Donald Trump”

Swedish chef Anders Vendel became the latest target of the “inverse racism” backlash sweeping Sweden, when he was reportedly assaulted by three Muslim men who punched and kicked him in the face and head, sending him to the emergency room. Describing the assault on Facebook, Vendel said he was attacked because he looked like Donald Trump.

Just the usual NON reported black on white violence sweeping the world

Writing in a Facebook post which has since been deleted, Anders Vendel explained that two men grabbed his arms from behind, while a third began punching him in the face. After about 20 blows to the face, Vendel fell to the floor, and all three men began kicking him in the head and face. The Malmo chef said he believes the attack, which left him with a “broken nose, bumps, clogged eye, mouth, lips, and jaw… even a broken right thumb,” took place because he “looks like Donald Trump.”

The assault apparently took place at a fast food grill in Malmo at 4:25 Saturday morning, according to Sydsvenskan newspaper.
The reported attack took place as many across the US and the world are protesting Donald Trump’s presidential win last week. Demonstrations and in some case riots, have taken place across the United States, with demonstrators decrying the Republican candidate’s campaign rhetoric even as Trump has been on a quest to moderate his positions in the days since he won the election. Anger against Trump – and now his lookalikes – appears to have spilled over across the Atlantic.