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Look at my earring – Sandy Hook the Hoax_(720p)

Splash screen is of a dead girl who is still alive and much older…how does that work. It’s like the fake Challenger explosion where all fake CIA actors that allegedly died ARE STILL ALIVE.

This video is proof that a great deal of Sandy Hoax was prefilmed…in the can…months before SHOW DAY. Then spliced into news feed as needed. The actresses have different weights, clothes, earrings, and the usual fake satanic suffering to pull out your soul’s energy for Lucifer and his legions of demons to feed off of.

This is reality. The other reality to think is your life IS THE FAKE ONE. The one of demonic illusions presented to you to control YOUR MIND AND EMOTIONS.

Don’t you think it’s time to wake up, understand, and gain some spiritual freedom. The kind that matters?