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It’s a bad beat right now – Great Tribulation

 Don Bradley Feb 5th, 2021

It’s a really bad beat right now. Everyone I know and know of that is a decent sort, is under attack and from more than one direction. It’s spiritual, financial, social, everything. Everyone. Except for the damned, who seem to get all they want and openly act with an arrogance and cruelty I’ve yet seen on such a massive scale.

But let’s be mindful that we have an ally in Yeshua Jesus Christ. 

Remember, this was both part of some outcome foretold by The Father and that it was neccessary to both

separate the wheat from the chaff, and

Try and test with fire, as gold and silver.

To accomplish these ends, what we are all enduring in patient faith, has to be. But with this also, we are given many opportunities to build our relationship, not just in mind and wisdom, but in our hearts so that we can experience His Divine Presence in our lives in a state of continual awareness.

All of us who have undergone his Fiery and Holy baptism understand the above words. Which do little but hint at the amazing joy that surges constantly through our selves, heart and soul. I’ve been given this great gift. As have countless others over the millennia. I implore each of us to reach inwards and upwards in humble repentance of our continuous sins and errors. Ask Him to enter in your heart and fill you with His Love and Joy. 

Then you will find all the strength you need to see yourself and those around you He has placed in your path. It will sustain in you, fill you with love, come what may. And each day we endure the horrors of our time, we burn away the dross of our own gold. Each becoming a purer vessel of His generous heart. 

For the troubles are here to stay. It’s the message, among others, I keep receiving. For all of us. No one gets out of this. We are all on the line, this time.

All of us.

And there is nowhere to go, or run to, or place of safety in this mess. For it is everywhere, worldwide. We all know this. It is most disheartening. In the world wars, there was always free republics to escape to, before you and yours were wiped out as casualties or camp slaves.

This time, the grass is NOT greener. It’s soaked in blood.

The Holy Word is clear on the matter. End times are brutal, cruel, insane, and upside down. The nephilim have returned and have brought their monsters of old with them. No one who has turned off the tv and studied the matter can dispute the above facts. The demonic elite is openly satanic and no longer hide anything. Within 1 years, pedophilia will be made perfectly legal in many places, including parts of this country. That’s how bad it is about to get and worse.

So, with many celestial signs given over the years, one or two being more important than many others, though all were relevant, can we expect this to be the true start of the Great Tribulation?

Well, let’s look at some facts that must needs be if this is so. 

2 Witnesses appear in front of the Temple, clothed in sackcloth (homeless clothes possibly) preaching the Holy Word. The world will be aware of this fact. It is written.

So, that’s the real tell we are seeking, those who have studied revelations for a “deal closer” on the matter. These are the two olive trees. Revelation chapter 11 covers this momentous event in amazing detail.

It doesn’t matter who they are. It only matters that in those days, Our Father sends prophets as of old, in our time. 

But, for me, it raises 2 perceptions that seem more than obvious? 

1. They, for 1260 days, preach the holy words in front of the Temple. The only temple that can truly be is the Ark of the Covenant. And that location was found by Ron Wyatt on January 6th, 1982 at 2pm. It wouldn’t be in a location where the ark was NOT. Nothing made by man, or some fake box made to appear as the ark will do. Nothing can fool our Most High God YHVH. Where the witnesses be, the Ark will Be. To me, this was always obvious. Even if you disagree with the location, doesn’t really matter. Where they are, is the ark and vice versa. It exists, still. IN the Earth awaiting That Day.

2. The Temple is US. Yeshua’s new covenant made each of us a Temple of the Holy Spirit. This is the breath of God within us. Wouldn’t the two witnesses must be there also, in some mystical way as yet not understood by ourselves? The issue is one of consideration. I dwell on this and other mystical aspects of this loving and filling relationship that is beyond any flight of fancy or wishful thinking. It’s a presence that is in, through, around, and actually, the best part of each of us, especially when there is increase.

These are the thoughts on the thing of the Tribulation or even the run up to it. . We can have all the signs, the rev 12 thing in Sept of 2017, etc. But the 2 witnesses. That, that must be the clincher. 

No witnesses? No Great Tribulation.