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It seems that all of these doctors that have turned up deceased were anti-vaccines, naturalist healers… Big Pharma must be getting extremely nervous that we are seeing the truth!!

Suzanne Somers
Yesterday the world lost one of its greatest doctors, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. He was my dear friend. He was my doctor. He was the subject of many of my books. He was one of my greatest teachers. He took away my fear of cancer because so many of his patients, myself included, LIVE. He understood the pathway to cancer and how to manage even the worst kinds of cancer – allowing his patients to live with quality of life. And he never used drugs to achieve his remarkable successes. As his patient, along with so many others whom he has treated, he had the answer to cancer – something thousands of charities and fundraisers hope to achieve.

Humanity is the loser in this sad scenario. Nick Gonzalez was a God-loving man. He loved his country; he was a thinker, a questioner, fearless in his criticism of the ineffectiveness of allopathic medicine…the lone voice, attacked by mainstream and isolated from so many of his peers who wanted to keep distance from this maverick lest they be associated with his “controversial” protocol. Yet, when these same doctors had no more answers for terminal patients they sent them to Dr. Gonzalez.
What kind of world do we live in where those who find a cure, or another way, so threaten the present standard of care (a 200 BILLION dollar a year business), that he endured constant criticism and mockery? His lone voice, his humility, kindness, compassion, and dedication have been silenced forever. But his work will live on.
I will never stop speaking on his behalf. He was the man with the answer. He saved my life and the lives of countless others who believed in him. He was a scientist, a historic figure that I believe will be hailed in the future as the one who figured it out. I am filled with gratitude to have had him as a friend and blessed that he was my doctor. We were robbed of a truly great man who made the world a better place by having been here.
God bless Dr. Nick Gonzalez and his beautiful and devoted wife, Mary Beth.