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Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941

Great Uncle John John was killed on the Battleship California hit by two bombs, two torpedoes, sunk. His body was never recovered, assumed evaporated in a blast by a 250# bomb. My family grieved for years over the loss. I still honor the man, though obviously I never met him. 

His fire crew was putting out fires below decks when 2 torpedoes and dive bombers loads pretty much made some 100+ men into goo. That’s all they found. 

He died. We went to war. Imperial Japan paid heavily for the rape of Nanking and thousands of other war crimes.

Given the state of affairs, I would say his and others sacrifice was entirely in vain. We could save other lands and cultures from the demonic onslaught of a ruthless empire, but we cannot save ourselves from the very same nephilim bloodline devils still pulling down nations and finally, setting up their NWO.

Civil war:    11 direct relatives, north and south, dead on the field.

SA war:        3

1st World War: 2

2nd World War: 5

Vietnam:  My father, two tours. He is dying from agent orange, which they say his body is riddled with.

And for what?

For pedophiles who traffic in children by the hundreds of thousands just to get their adrenochrome? Really? And now, Pedo Joe and an ex prostitute  – both possessed of demons as I HAVE PROVED WITHOUT A DOUBT – are to run this country into a UN controlled, communist shit hole? Thanks. Thanks for nothing, America.

Today, this anniversary, I feel sick about the whole thing. I’m trying to see, but cannot, how any of this makes any sense. This once great country has slipped into the sewer of damnation. And whose to stop it?