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India…In a country in which the vast majority of people survive on a dollar or two or often much less per day, whatever they had has been stolen by the government, taxed away indirectly. Could there be a worse tax than this?

Monopolistic control over the currency is an even worse problem than thought. As a result of Modi’s decrees, the concept of money has died for a large section of society.

Factories are closing by the thousands, millions thrown out of work, and 90% of the population has no means to feed themselves or do commerce.

And the government of India could care less.

This is what happens when the machinery of the NWO banks decides to bankrupt a large country and turn it into a 3rd world nation state.

Our prayers our with you. The devils in your government show they care not for who elected them – in point of fact, they care only for serving the beast.


one of thousands now now idle factories because the companie are unable to pay their employees or get paid by their customers. The Indian economy and currency has completely collapsed.