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In Russia, they are surgically removing the weapon

Need some kind of suction tool. Magnetic suction cup. We need to invent things FAST. 25% of the stuff stays in injection site.

I did the arm band thing, right when I broke the thing. Cannot others, as we had in 2003 do some same day inventions?

If we can remove the weapon site, that’s where the blutooth and wifi transceiver is, according to our EMF devices, many of us have.

We can do it! We invented a whole host of stuff in the orgone beginnings most have forgotten. Possibly a quick article and some pics of these devices we made.

Step up. Hit a home run for the world. It’s that time again.

Ryan, D Al, R T, I’m calling you out of retirement. We did stuff a great deal more difficult than this. Dimensional shifting of matter, polarity wave changes to physical mass, gravity levitation, energetic field tuning…

I know what we are capable of. I still have some of the technology.