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Get in a Highly Charged Magnetic Field

In addition to the arm band of magnets for those who just that week got smacked up, I was advised that a Large Magnetic Field would disable the entire thing everywhere in the body.

Of a strength of a auto wreckers magnet that lifts cars.

Now something like this can be made. The easy peasy schematics for a powerful focused field magnet are all over the world, in every language. 

A quick draft design can be made easily in under 2 hours. In fact, I am able to design such a thing. And if needs be, I will. however, there are a great many of you with far more time than I have on my hands. My daily load is 20 hours. It’s hardly sitting on the internet. I have a great many things requiring my personal attention each and every week.

I know many of you can easily say the same thing. But some bright boy or girl out there does have a garage, some tools, and some TIME to do it.

Here’s hoping.


Get in one, or make one, if weaponized. Help everyone that Dad throws at you.