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How To Cure Attention Deficit Disorder

Why Everyone Has A.D.D. or  A.D.H.D.

Recently, I have been noticing a lot of cases in which people are having trouble concentrating on seemingly simple tasks.  I have seen reports at health-related forums, and even in regular media discussing the problems that people are having with organization, memory, and their tendency to become easily distracted.  In the most problematic cases, it has been often blamed on an increased need to multitask in the workplace or school.  However, the workload for most Americans has not actually increased at the same rate as these problems have, and people with low-stress jobs are experiencing these same issues at equally elevated rates.  Thus, I am led to form another conclusion.
This CNN article blamed A.D.D. as the cause of all these problems, pointing to the fact that 5 million female Americans suffer from it, and it is even more common in men.  The media, as usual, ignored the most basic probing questions in favor of fluff, as if their job was to merely distract us more.  What is the cause of A.D.D.?  What is the cure?
Perhaps they were silent on these questions because any mention of curing would have meant the reporters were risking criminal prosecution for making unapproved medical claims or practicing medicine without a license.  Even though they should be immune from such worries as journalists, we can nevertheless imagine the cold chill as they conferenced about the matter with their legal department, and their corporate suits.
In other words, curing any disease is illegal in the United States, for all practical purposes.  Just talking about curing is literally a criminal offense, because only the F.D.A. can grant permission to use the word ‘cure’, since this word supposedly constitutes making a “medical claim”, and they contend that anything producing a positive health effect is automatically a (“unapproved”) drug, under their regulation.  This is not a hypothetical risk either.  There are are doctors and laymen in prison now for curing diseases.
They never authorize anyone to cure anything, or to even talk about curing; and they never will for the sake of their partners.  It really is something right from the pages of George Orwell’s novel, 1984.  The word ‘cure’ has long been purged from the official medical vocabulary.  (Just for fun, ask your doctor how many people he has cured of diseases, and then ask him for just one person’s name.  Be sure to time him, to see how long it is before he tells you to get out of his office.)
The only medical care officially allowed consists of treatments and long-term disease symptom management, because these pay long-term dividends to Big Medico and Big Pharma, and they cause us to become completely dependent upon the system — forever.  CNN’s article listed the approved treatments, of course, because that is exactly what modern medicine is about: perpetual ‘treatments’.
The truth is that A.D.D. is usually an easily correctable condition, for which there is no conclusive test.  It is diagnosed based on a collection of symptoms which naturally occur to a lesser degree in other children.  Depending on which drugs are the most expensive, and which are the newest, is what generally defines the diagnosis and the treatment strategy.  They call this modern medical “science”.  The final diagnosis could be A.D.D., bipolar disorder, or a whole list of other conditions which are suddenly appearing in children at conveniently the same rate as there are new pharmaceuticals to treat them.
Keep this in mind: A.D.D. is often caused by chemical poisoning combined with malnutrition in childhood. Therefore, A.D.D. is often diagnosed soon after a round of vaccines (just like autism), or it slowly develops when people have a poor diet.  There is also an alternative explanation for why A.D.D. appears to be a genetic disorder, for poor diet habits are known to be cross-generational in families.  While most people do not have A.D.D., they nevertheless experience at least some of its symptoms routinely.  As a society, our diet has become that bad.
Children are more likely to get diagnosed, because the foods which are marketed to them are often brightly colored with chemicals, full of artificial flavors, have huge amounts of acids, refined sugars, and artificial sweeteners which greatly exaggerate their symptoms.  Artificial colors and several additives have been removed from children’s foods in England due to their well-documented toxicity problems.
While we have been trying to expose pharmaceuticals and artificial additives for a long time, most sources ignore one of the most insidious dangers of poisons.  This danger is that they equally attack the brain.  Mercury does cause autism, lead causes retardation, MSG lowers the I.Q. and may cause heart failure, aspartame causes epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, M.S., and brain cancer, and artificial food additives cause A.D.D..  You will find a plethora of evidence proving each of these statements if you look to sources outside the U.S.A., so long as your sources do not have sponsors from the chemical industry.
Another cause of attention deficit disorders are very severe illnesses that occurred during childhood, such as pneumonias.  Life threatening illnesses at a young age often have a lifetime impact, and may hyper-stimulate the immune system, so that it forever overreacts to minor triggers.  People who are thusly afflicted are significanly more vulnerable to chemical toxicity and allergens than average people.  Our recommendations for eliminating attention deficit disorder still apply to these people, and the hyper-stimulation will eventually wane.  Unfortunately, it is a long term process.
Researching Cures During The Health Information War
Unfortunately, accurate sources are often drowned out by others who pander to the powers-that-be, including major search engines and Alexa.com, who frequently penalize sites such as ours.  For example, according to Alexa, no person outside of the U.S. has ever viewed this site, and we have only had 367,301 visitors.  We wonder which other team-player has been encouraging Alexa’s dishonesty.  Two things are obvious: Alexa is a U.S. company, and another team-player.  On the other hand, if you ever need to research into chemical-industry sponsored science, then Alexa is a great place to begin your search.
We have even found a large number of supposedly independent alternative health sites on the Internet that actually support the party lines of the A.M.A., and we are usually able to trace them back to their pharmaceutical industry sponsors.  The same search engines which are down-playing sites such as ours are aggressively promoting these fraudulent ones.  The pattern reoccurs again and again, without exception.  You may notice that we plainly cite our names and contact information here so that readers may research our backgrounds, because we stand behind all of our words with our honor, and we sign our names to them.  Most of the bogus ‘alternative’ web sites do not provide author information, and it is nearly impossible the find their faceless authors, so remember these things whenever you are doing your own research, in order to find honest and credible sources.  There really is an information war happening, and the other side is working diligently to keep you dumbed-down and sick enough to control.
How To Cure Attention Deficit Disorder
The cures for these relatively new disorders require major changes in diet.  Unfortunately, nobody seems able or willing to disobey orders, or defy the party line, due to the chemical straitjackets in our foods, and those being added to our water.  For example, fluoride was first used by the NAZIs to pacify and dumb-down their conquered peoples.  Fluoride is still being used for that purpose.
On top of improving their diets, people should reduce (and hopefully eliminate) their overall exposure to toxins, like pharmaceuticals, hand sanitizers, corn-fed meat with nitrate salts and synthetic growth hormones, refined sugars, and other bleached white products, artificial colors, artificial flavors, the so-called “natural flavors” which are usually unnatural, artificial fats such as margarine, and the ungodly tap water.  The pattern is unmistakable, and all this poisoning from all directions can not possibly be accidental.

It really is this simple: Detoxify yourself, stop feeding your body poisons, stop allowing others to poison you, and stop obeying your self-appointed masters.  A.D.D. is a gift, instead of a disease, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being creative, being a leader, or having individuality.  In the not so distant past, society used to reward these qualities.

Beware of the new generation of drugs, especially the SSRI anti-depressants, which typically require that a user be slowly weaned off of them.  This is extremely telling about the intentions of the industry which is legally allowed to create drug addictions at will.  Their drugs, at best, only suppress some of the A.D.D. symptoms for a short period, before it is time to upgrade to a stronger dose, or a stronger drug.  This is the intent.  You can count on this pharmaceutical treadmill to continue for the rest of your life, if you are obedient.  At worse, the effects of the drugs are disastrous, like for instance, temporary violent insanity and death. Perhaps if the local heroin pusher had his own congressional lobby, then perhaps he would be working alongside your pharmacist.
By the way, guess which industry invented and originally sold heroin, morphine, cocaine, and P.C.P. to patients.  I’ll give you a fews hints:  They have the largest lobby in the U.S. Congress, the most lucrative industry in the U.S., they used to advertise for cigarette companies, and they have long-term and expensive treatments for whatever troubles you.
Some people who exhibit A.D.D. symptoms are simply introverted, and actually do better when given more tasks to work with; not because they are diseased, but because they are of higher intelligence, and therefore require more stimulation.  The down-side is their increased sensitivity to toxins, which produce mental disturbances.  For these cases, I highly recommend reading, How Teenage Rebellion Became A Mental Illness, in issue 3 of Naturally Good Magazine.
Again, I would like to note that changing the diet to an all-natural one (preferably organic), whilst eliminating bleached white foods, will provide enormous assistance for A.D.D. problems without the need of drugs; and this will furthermore greatly help with the person’s overall long-term health.  It is a win-win, in other words, at least for everyone except your doctor.