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Helping the homeless is now a crime in most cities in the USA

Helping people who really need a hand has become illegal. I break this law several times a month, very often giving every cent in my walllet.


In them, I see me. For we are those around us. Many, who are blessed with success and are vetted, never have to worry about a roof or a meal.

We do. Every day.

Many, who were raised with entitlement programming, see unfortunates as low-life scum bags who should be ignore.

As we are. Every day.

The truth is, pain and suffering is very often the fate of those lost in poor choices, and these days, very often the victim of a Beast system that wants a chaotic failing economic reality where only the vetted satanic slaves are given a piece of the success pie.

For the rest of us, it’s slave wages, being spit upon, and hated. As are the homeless.

I see so many families out there without a home or any means to get any kind of paying work that will provide rent and food and gas and all the other “on the grid” stuff necessary to function in the Beast system. For those of us freejacks, all we have to look forward to is second hand clothes, fasting, and an endless series of days with no future in the Beast system.

Passing laws that make it illegal to assist those in need only indicates how evil the management system of the Beast system really is – and it’s straight out of the Satanic bible. Really, you can look it up. Those on the bottom rungs of life are considered worthless and useless eaters who should be done away with.

It’s how the soulless thing, feel, and function. Among themselves, it’s all sharing, good wages, and prosperity. Outside of that and below that, it’s go F yourself and get out of our way or else. I know this because this is how I am treated by network assets that allow me to slave for them for about 4 dollars an hour, after you deduct the expense of gas to get to their worlds of slave labor.