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Fema collection point at Santa Clarita Calif Target

This Target is a the 14 highway and Golden Valley Exit.

I’ll bet every Target, Wally Fema Facility Camp, and other locations have these processing facilities. Many will freeze in the unheated, poorly ventilated containers, as they do when they ship adrenochrome victims over the borders. Remember Evergreen shipping? CIA’s front company for moving whole people’s, guns, and drugs around in containers. This is just that process applied to those who refuse the Mark of the Beast.

So be mindful now of Amazon vans and Targets. It’s what they intend to use.

If you get in the van, it’s over for you. No one will ever see you ALIVE again. Ever.

The warnings of camps since May of 1999 and beyond is now easily verifiable by JUST GOING SHOPPING.

Main roads and highways, every time.

They are working against a timetable and protests mean nothing to them. Nothing.

If America does have the minerals after all, in come the Chinese by the hundreds of thousands.