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Crimea: 8 Years without water now restored by Russia

Crimea: 8 Years without water now restored by Russia

Here are some facts.

The entire electrical grid, which is singular in design and does all of Urkaine, has been under Russian control from day one. If this was an invasion, why leave the power on for your enemies? Point: It’s not an invasion.

The entire internet of Ukraine is on everywhere, with everyone owning a cell phone. Why are there not hundreds of videos streamed to social media or bloggers revealing all these alleged Russian attacks on whatever?

Crimea, the peninsula, gets all its water from the Dnieper, of which Zelensky turned off the sluice gates to the 98% Russian population there, one of the MAIN reasons Putin went in, was to restore water. Why did the Russians on day one, take over and open those sluice gates so that Crimean of any nationality can have water again? 

The above are facts. Indisputable. Keep these facts in mind as the lies continue to rain down on the helpless non-critical thinkers in the West.