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Coffee Enemas for Heavy Metal Detoxification

Coffee Enemas for Heavy Metal Detoxification.


    Serious Detoxification
    Valerie Saxion, ND.
    “To detoxify in serious conditions, take two coffee enemas per day. .Follow this routine for two weeks, then coffee enemas should be reduced to only one per week for one month. Your body may have a build-up of toxins or poisons from time to time. Symptoms indicating toxicity are a decrease in appetite, headaches, increase in tiredness, and a general lack of well-being. When these occur, increase coffee enemas once again to one per day until symptoms subside, or for a maximum of three to four days. Then return to a routine.” [1/31/04] Show Notes “… Well, mercury is a cumulative poison! There is no barrier that prohibits mercury from reaching the brain cells and it is retained in the central nerous system. It’s presense there can prevent both the normal entry of nutrients into the cells and the removal of wastes from the cells. It can bind to immune cells distorting them and interfering with normal immune responses. Significant amounts of mercury in the body can be the root cause of :

    Permanent kidney damage
    Cardiac problems
    Respiratory problems
    Gum disease
    Hair loss
    Joint pain
    Slurred speech
    Memory loss
    Excessive salivation

    Excessive mercury poisoning can mimic symptoms of MS and Lou Gehrig’s disease. According to the World Health Organization, amalgam fillings are a prime source if mercury exposure. More than 180 million Americans have mercury amalgam dental fillings. When dentist refer to silver fillings, they are usually referring to amalgam fillings, which are silver in color but actually contain approximately 50% mercury, 25% silver, and 25% of various other metals. None as toxic as the mercury! One amalgam filling can release 3 – 17 mcg of mercury each day.
    The mercury vapor released combines with chemicals in the mouth and create minute amounts of methyl mercury, which is absorbed through the tissues of the mouth and air passages and transported in the blood to the brain and other body tissues. Many have suffered for years from various health problems such as candida, muscle spasms, chronic fatigue, and recurring infections and after having the fillings removed and replaced with non toxic fillings, the disorders began to clear up! Am I talking to you?
    Well, lets find our what you can do about it!
    As quickly as possible get the fillings removed!
    Wait only if pregnant or nursing!

      • In the meantime, take at least 200 mcg of
        Selenium, it neutralizes the effect of mercury
      • Vitamin E – 400-800 IU per day, it works with selenium to neutralize mercury.
      • B-Complex – protects the brain from damage
      • Apple pectin – aids in removing toxic metals from the body
      • Glutathione
      • Plus L-methionine and L-cystein
        Needed for sulfur, also helps to detoxify harmful Metals and toxins.
        Take as directed on an empty stomach, take with water or juice, not milk. Take 50 mg of vitamin B-6 and 100 mg of vitamin C for better absorption.
      • Vitamin A – with cartenoid complex w/ beta carotene. 25,000 IU
        A powerful antioxidant, destroying free radicals.
      • Chelation of course through IV or suppository.
      • When getting the mercury removed take activated Charcoal at least 15 minutes before removal as it will absorb and flush the mercury. 3-4 capsules.

    Drink only distilled water, eat organic foods, eat lots of fiber especially with apple pectin. Always broil your fish, if there is mercury in the fish, fish also rids the body of mercury so by broiling the fish the mercury which is stored in the fat is carried out in the broiling process. Never chew gum with mercury fillings in your mouth.
    Stay away from extremely hot drinks, the heat seems to draw out the mrcury.
    Garlic with each meal protects your body from the mercury released when chewing.
    Take at least 1000 mg of vit C with each meal.
    Use oat bran daily as it is helpful in removing mercury from the bowels.
    When you sweat, be sure to shower off asap so as not to reabsorb the toxins.

    For more info call 1-800-311-6265,
    The Dental Amalgum Mercury Syndrome Organization.”
    [4/20/04] Show Notes


    Detoxification, against cancers.
    The Cancer Cure Foundation
    Published: Monday, 8-Nov-2004
    … Toxins like mercury, tin and nickel leak steadily from dental fillings. Alternative practitioners assist in this important work as much as possible by cleaning out the liver, digestive system, kidneys, lymph and the bloodstream. A variety of detoxification approaches are used, including colon cleansing, fasting, chelation, water therapy, heat therapy, and nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic methods. In the early 1900s, Max Gerson introduced coffee into the enema procedure, which causes the liver to release stored up toxins into the digestive system to be eliminated. … The liver is cleansed using various means. The coffee used in enemas, stimulates the liver to purge itself.


    The Concepts of Integrative Healing & Team Care
    by Li-Chuan Chen, Ph.D. – Editor Integrative Health & Healing
    Integrative Health & Self-Healing … For thousands of years, the South Asian Siddha Vaidya tradition has known about herbal formulations for detoxifying mercury, silver, tin and other heavy metals. These scourges of our time, thanks to the pervasive use of dental amalgams and heavy metals, lead to severe health problems and environmental pollution (please see other articles in the Summer 2002 IH&H issue # 1 on mercury toxicity and detoxification). The Western tradition also had purgatives.
    The coffee enema, referred to in the past as “royal flushing,” actually detoxifies the liver and gallbladder. It is most beneficial for patients with toxemia. In Tijuana, Mexico, where alternative cancer and medical clinics are flourishing, coffee enemas are employed regularly. Heroic figures in modern complementary and alternative medicine, such as Max Gerson and William Kelley, consider the coffee enema to be a necessity for cleansing the body of toxins and cell debris, when used in combination with good nutrients and digestive enzymes. Of the four routes of elimination in the body: — the kidneys, lungs, colon and the skin — the latter is most often neglected. Yet it is a very effective means of detoxification. Modern skin detoxification techniques include far infrared sauna, steam baths and clay baths. Far infrared can penetrate the tissue deeper than other types of sauna, and thus has an advantage for environmental detoxification. … If you want your local store to carry IH&SH, ask them to call us at 301 907-6579


    An Insider’s Guide to Natural Medicine
    Dr. Michael Lam, M.D.,
    ©2002 Michael Lam, M.D. All Rights Reserved.
    This content may be copied in its full and unabridged form for non-profit education use provided that all copyright, contact, and creation information is given, and the source clearly indicated as www.DrLam.com Cleansing of the body system is done internally through fasting and externally through thorough skin cleansing. Enemas can also be used but are normally reserved for cases where intense cleansing is required, as is often the case in using detoxification as a way to treat cancer (such as coffee enema used in the Gerson Therapy). … … Up to 25 percent of the US population suffer from heavy metal poisoning especially from lead, mercury, and aluminum. … Heavy metal toxicity has been linked to several diseases including Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and severe neurological disorders. Other common sources of heavy metals include lead from pesticides sprays and cooking utensils; cadmium and lead from cigarette smoke; mercury from dental fillings, contaminated fish, and aluminum from antacids, cookware, and soda cans. Hair mineral analysis is a convenient but often unreliable screening test.
    The most accurate measurement is by blood analysis of actual toxin levels within the red blood cells. Many toxic metals have a tendency to accumulate inside the cell where most of the damage is done. Serum toxic metal levels do not correlate well with intracellular toxic metal levels. The early signs of heavy metal poisoning are vague or often attributed to other diseases. The early symptoms of heavy metal poisoning include headaches, fatigue, muscle pain, indigestion, tremors, constipation, anemia, indigestion and tremors. Mild toxicity symptoms include impaired memory and distorted thinking ability. Severe toxicity can lead to death.

    Chelation therapy using EDTA to bind toxic metals, high potency multiple-vitamin-and mineral supplement, vitamin C and B complex, sulfur containing amino acids (methionine, cysteine, and taurine), and high sulfur-content foods such as garlic, onion, eggs, water-soluble fibers such as guar gum, oat bran, pectin and psyllium seed. … The symptoms of heavy metal poisoning in the liver include psychological and neurological symptoms such as depression, headache, mental confusion, mental illness, abnormal nerve reflexes and tingling in the hands. The solution is to take compounds that support the liver’s detoxification mechanism.
    Such compounds include milk thistle extract, choline, methionine , and antioxidants. …


    Building health from the foundation up.
    Mark Konlee (Nov., 1999)
    Positive Health News
    Report No 19 Fall Issue (1999)
    Keep Hope Alive
    PO Box 27041
    West Allis, WI 53227.
    … A published scientific abstract from a foreign medical journal written by Pisai Egyetem et al (1) titled “Different sensitivity to acid reaction of the AIDS virus and virus-producing cells” has some important observations that can be related to enemas that are acidic (either with vinegar added or coffee) and to the pH of the colon. What the researchers found is that cell free (HIV) virus gradually loses its infectivity in an acidic medium and loses it permanently when the pH is below 6.0. The more acid the colon, the more damage is done to the membranes of the virus and infectivity is lost and is not regained even when the pH is increased to over 6.0 again. … For Starters – the first month – use some product that is effective against parasites: Colon Green Powder (Futurebiotics). I mentioned this product about a year ago after one of our readers who had constantly sinking stools told me that this was the only colon cleansing supplement he had found that restored normal floating stools. This formula contains psyllium and is high in chlorophyll from alfalfa, parsley and chlorella. Chlorophyll will kill a wide range of bacteria and other pathogens in the lower large intestines. It also contains black walnut extract to kill parasites and has FOS from artichokes and 50 mg of cayenne per serving plus ginger root, beet crystals, 5 additional herbs and vegetarian enzymes. One tablespoon twice daily with water taken on an empty stomach is what I suggest for the first month. This product would be a good choice to use for a month and then switch to another formula like Perfect Plus. Colon Green Powder costs about $16 a month. Other products like “Clear,” Black walnut capsules, castor oil capsules and Clarkia 100 also work against parasites.

    Perfect Plus (Soluble Rice Bran) by SGS Research (Irvine, CA) is a colon cleansing formula that contains soluble rice bran as its principle ingredient with no added herbs. It primary benefit is that it reduces some TH2 cytokines and improves cell mediated immunity and normalize blood sugar levels. Soluble rice bran contains 74 antioxidants plus trace minerals and immune modulators called “sterols.” Sterols reduce IL-6 levels that are a major problem in persons immune-compromised from any cause. Sterols also increase IL-2 and gamma-interferon, increase DHEA levels and lower cortisol levels. A daily serving of 3 level tablespoons contains about 120 mg of sterols. Sterols are also found in raw sesame seeds and a candy called Halvah that is made from crushed raw sesame seeds and honey. Perfect Plus also has 133 mg of MethylSulfonylMethane (MSM) a biological form of sulfur plus 1000 mg of TriMethylGlycine (TMG) from beets plus 1000 mg of FOS (from artichokes) that promotes the growth of friendly flora. Both MSM and TMG help in detoxification of the cells and support the process of methylation. Diabetics who use Perfect Plus usually need to reduce their insulin use as blood sugar levels fall. One person I know discontinued using insulin after starting on Perfect Plus as their blood sugar levels returned to normal.

    Diabetics need to take it in 3 doses – 1 tablespoon each about 8 hours apart and monitor their blood sugar levels daily and on the first day before taking their next insulin dose. One person with diabetes for 20 years had to discontinue insulin the very first day they started on Perfect Plus as the insulin caused the blood sugar levels to go low – the opposite of diabetes. Perfect Plus tastes pleasant and costs about $30 a month. … The purpose of the coffee enemas is to detoxify the liver by opening up bile ducts from the liver. … The treatment will become more effective the more liquid you can absorb as it will penetrate deeper into the colon. With practice, you should be able to absorb about 3 cups. If the stools are small in diameter indicating colon inflammation, expect to draw in less liquid in the beginning. Some people add 1 cup of aloe vera juice to the enema water as well. …


    To Fast or Not to Fast
    Elle Govea
    Apr 15, 2004 … [Ochi] Scobie chose a gall bladder and liver cleanse, created by David Jubb, owner of Jubb’s Longevity, a health food store in Manhattan’s Alphabet City. For eleven days, Scobie avoided all solid food, and adhered to a cycle of flushing and elimination, the pay-off of which would be a “bounty” of gallstones purged from her body. Scobie’s only nourishment came from non-dairy smoothies, three times daily. The rest of the day she drank a concoction of water, raw apple cider vinegar, and raw honey, mixed with a laxative. Three times during her fast were designated “flush” days, when she was directed to drink 8 to ten ounces of olive oil, followed by a coffee enema (which aided in elimination). In between these steps, she was instructed to rest with a warm castor oil pack over her gall bladder area, massaging the area to soften stones. “It’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever done,” she said. “I’ve just been sleeping all day, on and off, just to make the day go by faster.” … Long-term dehydration, said Ben-Dor, can lead to very serious problems, like an over-stressed liver or even cardiac arrhythmia, a disturbance in the heart rhythm.

    2005-March: The use of coffee enemas for detoxification have become increasingly known and used since 2000. Two of the three instances of acute dental mercury toxicity I have had were before that time and there was no reference to that option that I could find either in the literature or by word of mouth. I could have found the option by asking of Spiritual Guidance. As too often happens, we do not get the answer that we need and is best if we fail to think outside and beyond our knowledge and experiences. Coffee that is drank has no detoxification benefits.
    Indeed, it can even increase toxicity in persons. It is well metabolised by the time it reaches the small intestine, and particularly useless for the detoxification purpose by the time it reaches the colon. This is an example of the Relevancy and Benefit of HOW a substance is used. Try never to assume that our limited knowledge of ANY particular supplement or substance, therapy or activity, represents the only use that we can make of it. Depending on application, poisons can become beneficial, and remedies can become poisons.