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Christmas eve 2021, in Rome, death of Pope Francine announced.

When do we get Peter the Roman, the other Fako False Prophet of the wankers? Waiting for the appointed time? Pope Benedict came in on April 8th; are they waiting for a resonance date or some other time. Lots of these high profile yucks in rubber masks, because the original meatsack has died.

We live in the age of the Latex Celebrity Mask. Is it real or is it an actor in a mask?

Pope Francine, the NWO baby raper, was DOA by the cabal on Christmas eve 2021. I covered it at the time. Remember when the Hildebeast died on 9-11-2016? NBC and ABC covered it, ran stories that night, etc. Then, next morning, everything pulled and the internet sanitized. Except I had those feeds. Made and still make, videos about it.

They ran a body double against Trump. And the double they are using now looks nothing like the Hildebeast.They want us to know they are running doubles. It’s why after twenty years of Hillary in your face, since that date, she’s not even a byline anywhere, anymore.