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Banning cash is the creation of the Ultimate total control police state

Remember the 500 EURO BILL???????
Banned and nobody cared enough to stop it.
After that, soon, the 100 euro bill will follow…

and the 50 euro bill…

they actually already told us this. Until only the 20, 10 and 5 remain for small payments. Trillions in cash will be made worthless and banks the world over will get increases on their books for debt based fiat instruments, we know as fractional reserve.
EXACTLY what is happening in India.

But when it happens over there it starts to matter?

In 2017, the US plans to eliminate the 100 and replace the 20 with the Tubman 20. And no one is saying anything, doing anything, about it.

This is the endgame of going off the gold standard worldwide in 1933. It was to get us here, WITH A GLOBAL ECONOMY.

Real money, stolen from us by Central Banks

Under Sharia Law, Christians are crucified as is done hundreds of times a day in ISIS controlled territories backed by the CIA and Hillary

SJWs want globalism for everyone, OR ELSE

And led by fanatical lesbian feminist witches practicing gynocentrism