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Anti vaxxers are targeted individuals to be killed upon any entrance to a hospital

Satanist trying to imply she is stupid for thinking, researching, and listening to her heart. They are the worst serial killers on earth, in our time.

Remember Russ Dizdar and Rob Skiba? Both vocal anti vaxxers. Both get admitted for slight pneumonia. Both die at midnight. 

These are kills.

Well once you realize that the virus does not exist and the tests are a coin flip, you can see clearly how hospital try to flip that coin with people to get a positive (even if they have no respiratory symptoms).

Though I have seen many cases of people getting a negative test but they still write down Covid patient. So it seems they will write Covid even without a positive test.

Also keep in mind, for every covid test there is someone profiting. Think about the manufacturers of the tests, even the ‘at home’ lateral flow rapid tests.

Yes there is a full flow over of money from top to bottom.

But one important thing to realize. The hidden hand is not necessarily looking to even profit from Covid a whole. The Covid psy-op operation also costs a lot of money to roll out, so they will need to profit to finance the operation. Also they need profit to finance the creation of the new system.

If these people ever get their system fully in place. It will not be a nice place to be. The NPC might not understand this, but you would be completely at the mercy of demons. Allowing anarchy, atheism and nihilism opens the door to mundane evil. 

Nobody is safe. 

 Remember this post I did yesterday?


Victims previous anti vax tweets were archived suspiciously in March 2021, even though he has little to no interactions or following (were they archived to prove he was anti vax once they killed him and blamed covid?):

His tweet linking his video testimony after escaping the medical center:

Given all the new info in the last 24 hours, they’ve been trying to kill him a FEW TIMES; accidents, things wrong with stuff. More detail later. Seems like his accident which sent him to the hospital, when they drugged him up BEFORE they pulled him out of his car, was a planned, arranged event, JUST TO SHUT HIM UP.