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About Remdesivir Injections for intubation

This is how big pharma uses language to obscure the truth of the weapon.

In high doses Remdesivir is lethal, especially when used with automated syringe driver.

It is part of the Diazepam nexus. It does not relieve pain, it stops you being able to move or speak. It suppresses breathing.

It is used under the pretext of treating anxiety.

In the UK, if they determine you are a lost cause they will put you on what used to be called the ‘Liverpool care pathway’ otherwise known as ‘palliative care’.

Even though euthanasia is illegal in the UK, this a good description of what they are doing.

It is their goal to induce death as soon as possible. They will starve you, dehydrate you and give harmful drugs including lethal doses of Midazolam especially.

At the beginning of ‘Covid’ they moved a lot of people from hospitals to care homes. They fraudulently labelled them as Covid patients and induced death quickly with lethal doses of Midazolam. That was the ‘first wave’.